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Sgt Steve Introduces Place Bet Pro

Hi Bloggers,

Sgt Steve here, I have previously done reviews on lay the odds but this is my first time on BST. My name is Steve and I’m 41 years old and live in Melbourne, Australia. I have been interested in betting on horses for over 20 years now and have picked up sports betting as well in the past 5 or so years. I started doing sports arbitrage full time about 6 years ago and then moved to the UK and was trading horse racing for a couple of years. Back in Australia now and am still betting in my spare time and follow a couple of systems that seem reasonably good but haven’t yet led me to betting being my source of income, which is my ultimate goal. Well my ultimate goal is to get my golf handicap into single figures but you get the gist.

Anyway on to the Introduction for Place Bet Pro. Place Bet Pro is a place betting system e-book for UK Horse Racing. The system rules identify place bets which can be placed on Betfair or with any bookmaker that offers place only bets. With claims of 20 points profit per month and the authors own figures showing over 82% strike rate for a 7 month period, if correct, Place Bet Pro appears to be reasonably priced at a reduced rate of £77 as a one-off payment. There is no money back guarantee, however there are no steak knives thrown in or any other associated fluff, it seems pretty straight to the point.

Place Bet Pro is purely a place backing system, utilizing singles, doubles and trebles. The selection method is quick and easy and claims to only take 15 mins per day, time will tell!

The strategy

The rules of Place Bet Pro appear very straight forward and easy to follow but of course this will evolve as time goes on. It is based on short priced horses finishing in the frame. The system is set up to be applied on UK Horse Racing however it is simple enough that it may be applied elsewhere but for the purposes of this trial I will stick to UK racing. The main issue with the system is that the selections are based on horses being within a certain price range. However it doesn’t specify a time i.e. just before the off, at the start of the day etc. Given that I live in Australia and to be consistent I will use the system at the prices that are on offer at 11am UK time. This gives the markets enough time to move after the bookies put up their prices and still allows me to get some beauty sleep! However this creates the potential for me to come up with slightly different results than someone who was sitting there all day and betting at the off.

The initial review will last 56 Betting Days. I will use Betfair as my medium for determining eligibility and use Betfair SP as the price recorded, but note that Paddy Power also offers place only betting for the doubles and trebles angle.

Additional Staking Plan

There is no advised staking plan within the system and for the purposes of this review I will report on level, single stakes. The system will likely elicit 3 to 4 bets per day and there is a section in the system around doing doubles and/or trebles with the strongest selections. ‘Strongest’ is a little subjective but I will report on this as well on the side, but the focus will be on performance at level stakes. I intend to do daily/or every two day updates during the review. Let’s hope it’s a good one!


Sgt Steve reviewing Place Bet Pro

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