Place Profits Review – Days 40 to 47

Hi Bloggers

Sorry for the delay in posting the results for the last week but I have been waiting for
confirmation from Lee O’Hare about the correct P/L following his comment about my
inclusion of two non qualifiers as losing bets. No reply so far!

However in the last week there have been 12 qualifiers with 7 winning bets but again
as many of these were very short priced, we ended up making a small loss overall.

The SP rule continues to defeat the P/L with a 28/1 selection and a 7/1 selection
winning outright and another placed at 17/2

P/L  – 0.45 points

Cumulative P/L:  + 8.69 points  (Place Profits 1)

Cumulative P/L:  + 0.47 points  (Place Profits 2)

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