Pro Footy Tips Introduction

16th January 2017

 Sgt Smithy – Introduces Pro Footy Tips


Introducing Pro Footy Tips Review

I’m Sgt. Smithy and this is my first review here at Betting System Truths.

I’ve been involved in sports betting and trading for several years. In that time, I’ve seen highs and lows from my own methods and from analysing other betting systems. I firmly believe that there is plenty of value in sports betting if you’re willing to put the work in to find it. Luckily for us, there are tipping services like Pro Footy Tips available to do the research for us.

Pro Footy Tips have been a part of Betting Gods since March 2016 and claim a great record so far with a ROI of 27.43% and a strike rate of 28.61%.

All of the tips are straightforward back bets. Most are on the match winner market with the occasional Asian handicap or double thrown in for good measure. Nearly all tips are for major European leagues or International football so liquidity and bet availability should be good across all exchanges and bookmakers. Tips are provided by email each day that they’re available and are received around noon.

I’ll be following the suggested staking structure from Pro Footy Tips. This involves a starting bank of 75 points with stakes ranging from 1-5 points being suggested alongside the tips. Alongside this I will also use a flat 1 point staking system as is policy with all of our reviews.

The profitability of the service will be determined by our betting bank balance at the end of the reviewing period. In order to be deemed a successful and profitable service, I would expect the service to pay for itself and to provide a significant return on top.

As is standard across the Betting Gods tipsters, Pro Footy Tips comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. There are no conditions associated with the refund which is always refreshing and inspires confidence that it’s a genuine and honest service.

There are 3 payment plans available: monthly, quarterly or a one-off fee. Both of the recurring options include a reduced rate of £1 for the first month. After the first month, the costs are £29.95 per month or £69.95 per quarter.

I’ll be following the tips for up to 84 days and keeping a record to find out how well they perform and what sort of return we can expect.

Daily updates will be published as the review moves forward. I look forward to following the service over a minimum of 56 days and I hope you’ll keep checking back to see how we’re progressing.


Sgt Smithy Introduces Pro Footy Tips