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ProBall Club

August 23 2012

Sergeant Steve Introduces ProBall Club

Hi Bloggers,

Sgt Steve here, I have previously done reviews on LTO for Sports Betting Professor and Racing Tipsters and more recently Place Bet Pro, Cricket Tipster, Golf Betting Profits and Partners in Profit. Anyway, my name is Steve and I’m 42 years old and live in Melbourne, Australia.  I have been interested in betting on horses for over 20 years now and have picked up sports betting as well in the past 5 or so years. I started doing sports arbitrage full time about 6 years ago and then moved to the UK and was trading horse racing for a couple of years. Back in Australia now and am still betting in my spare time and follow a couple of systems that seem reasonably good but haven’t yet led me to the Holy Grail, betting being my source of income, which is my ultimate goal. Well my ultimate goal is to get my golf handicap into single figures but you get the gist, one thing follows another.

On to the introduction, ProBall Club gives the services of 5 separate tipsters for both Sports Bets (Football, Golf and Tennis) and Horse Racing, for both Back and Lay bets.

  • The Golf tips service offers 2 main types of bets, outright bets (each/way) and 2/3 Ball Bets;
  • Pro Tennis Tips – straight match win betting;
  • Football Back Service – double chance bets, which covers both the team you are backing and the draw;
  • Football Lays Service – laying the draw; and
  • Racing Lays Service – lays low priced favourites.

There is also an additional tip that gives out what they call ‘Profit/Perm tips’ which seem to be accumulator bets. I will keep a record of these but at this stage won’t be including it as part of the reporting process. Bets will be $100 on doubles and trebles and $50 on the accumulator so $1050 in total if 4 teams selected.

ProBall Club claims to have made £40,085.00 profit in first 7 months of 2012 at an average of almost £6,000.00 per month (to £100 stakes).

I will start with a $2000 bank and be having $100 win bets on all selections, except for the golf which I will start with $5000 as they may be more bets in that system. Therefore 20 point banks with a 50 point bank for golf. I may adjust this as the volume of tips are revealed (I don’t know what I am in for yet!)

So you don’t actually have to know anything about any of these sports to place these bets. You just wait for the email from ProBall Club and put them on. There doesn’t appear to be a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this product. The cost is £47 per month all up.

Anyway, on with the show!

[See the Proball Club sales page here…]


Sergeant Steve Introduces ProBall Club