Profit At The Races Introduction

30 March 2015



Sgt David Introduces Profit At The Races

I am David and have been a reviewer on this site for almost 20 months.

I have been fortunate to be associated with some good material, particularly Bet Alchemist and Sovereign Racing, the latter a product from the Betting Gods collection.


Most of my personal betting involves laying which enables me to keep a very open mind when tackling a backing system review.

The Vendor

His name is apparently Stuart and there is an email address on the website. Unfortunately no further details are to hand.

The System

This is a review of a multi purpose set of selections exclusively for AW in the UK.

Profits and statistics from previous years are shown to both WIN and EACH WAY.

For simplicity of the review I shall concentrate on the WIN aspect and update a running figure for the Each Way portion separately.

Selections are backed at BSP but have varied in odds from 1.08 to 1000.

There is normally only 1 selection per race but two isn’t rare.

Historically the results claimed for Profit At The Races have been very good. A few initial concerns caused a delay to the start of this review but I shall now catch up about 4 weeks tips in the next few days.

The site claims a longest losing run of 35 but that does not tell the whole story. There was a run of 72 tips with just two winners ( 1.49 and 2.27 ) breaking the sequence of losers. While this was eventually turned around, it further emphasises the fact that potentially long expensive losing runs will be encountered and may not suit some people.

A substantial amount of profit has come from tipping winners at up to BSP 320. Profits are advertised to £10 stakes but it would not take many customers to be backing at those odds and stakes before they were seriously compromised and some may not even get matched at all at the low liquidity evening markets.

This must be borne in mind as he is looking to recruit up to 100 customers.

For the past 8 years, there are records showing a SR of 17.4% and ROI between 39% and 105% based on an average of just over 600 tips per year, or 50 a month. A level stakes profit of 3,726 pts for 1 pt win only and 4,421 pts for 1 pt Each Way is astounding, but that would actually be higher if commission was applied correctly.

The place market is often quite weak and again could be impacted by a flood of money. There is no convenient way to break down the past place returns but certain aspects would encourage me to avoid this in principle. You will see why later but in general luck would seem to play a larger role than with the win system, and calculations whilst not implying any deliberate wrong doing, are again something I would not fully endorse as likely going forward.

Selections are sent daily by email, except Sundays. For some reason the original email I received indicated that there may be selections on a Sunday but said they don’t back them.

Simplicity is the nature of the emails. They are received quite early on the day of the race but will contain nothing more than the meeting, time, and name of the horse.

The time taken to place the bets is very little and all are to BSP in the win and ( if desired ) place markets.

Due to the nature of the tips, it is planned to run the review for 12 weeks to minimise the effect of any bad run that may occur.

The cost

The cost is £29.99 per month + £6 VAT , so £35.99 in total.

This is covered by Clickbank’s standard 60 day refund / cancellation conditions.

System requirements

Internet connection, access to emails that arrive between about 0700 and 1100, ability to place bets into a funded Betfair account. It is as easy as that.

Staking plan and betting bank

This is a difficult one. From the start of records in March 2008 up to the end of December 2013, the worst position during any year was not more than 5 pts. The most severe downturn that I could find was in 2014 as mentioned above. Both 2014 and 2015 hit lows of around -20 pts.

The email I received when starting the review suggests a bank of 100 pts. Unless using 1/2 stakes this should be doubled if backing each way.

Review updates

Having been in receipt of tips since February 26th, the review will be retrospective from then till I can catch up. I will post an update daily covering a week or so at a time over the next few days and then maintain on a regular basis as convenient but certainly 2 or 3 times a week including one at the weekend.



Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

[Click here to see Profit At The Races]


Sgt David Introduces Profit At The Races