Profit From  Systems Day 84 August 31st

Hi Bloggers

Well the review has now finished and unfortunately neither the Lays or the backs made a profit on the last day. Only 1 lay selection which was a losing one at 4.84BFSP so a loss of 3.84 points, for the Backs 9 selections with just 1 winner at 6.02 which meant a loss of 3.23 points. I shall be publishing my thoughts within the next couple of days.

Back Bets: Day 84= 9  Selections/1 Winner at 6.02 BFSP= minus 3.23points

Running Bank up to Day 84 =  48.85 points (- 51.15 points)


Day 84 =1 Selection / 1 Losing Lay at 4.84 BFSP = minus 3.84 points

Running Bank  up to Day 84 =  136.17 points (+36.17 points)


Sgt Dave

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