Profit Maximiser Weeks 9 and 10

11th February 2015



Sgt Colin – Reviews Profit Maximiser

Hello all, this is my review of the Profit Maximiser service (PM) after 10 and a bit weeks

I’ve worked on all of the areas now, and have been using the arbitrage trader tool which Mike Cruikshank provides at extra cost – which has added considerable value.

After 8 weeks I had made £1470. I’ve continued to add new accounts. taken advantage of spread betting, bingo and casino offers. But the majority of the activity is on existing accounts – and the profit now stands at £1720. This is despite a couple of blips this week – and my continued inability to make the casino offers justify the time taken.

Of this gain £438  is from opening offers , £117 from spread betting, £55 from Bingo, so the majority has come from ongoing offers. I’ve split these into free bet and speculative (such as “money back if 2nd”). The former have been most lucrative,£850 up,  but take some time and effort to comply with. The speculative offers have been profitable to date too. However, I’ve only broken even on the casino offers to date – you need to be careful as to when you use bonus & “real” funds and staking levels.

This remains pretty time consuming, but the service continues to highlight numerous opportunities. Whilst it’s nowhere near as easy as receiving a tip and backing or laying it, it continues to generate strong profits, with the certainty of more to come.

Opening bank: £1000

Gain to date: £1720

Closing bank: £2720

Thank you for your time.

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Sgt Colin Reviews Profit Maximiser