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Race Ratings Pro

Race Ratings Pro Introduction  by Sgt George

Hi Folks

This is something a little bit different Race Ratings Pro is a video course by Michael Wilding on how to make your own race ratings. The course comes in 7 modules which are:

Module 1 – What are Ratings

Module 2 – Understanding What You Want From A Rating

Module 3 – The Best Way To Choose What To Rate

Module 4 – Measuring Your Ratings Performance

Module 5 – Designing Your Ratings

Module 6 –

Part 1    Lets Start Rating

Part 2    Normalizing Your Ratings

Part 3    Weighting Our Ratings

Part 4     Finalising Your Ratings

Part 5     The Statistics Of Your Ratings

Module 7 – Where To Go From Here

The modules total around 3 hours so thats a lot of videos to watch i would suggest doing some one day and the rest another. It is a good idea to have a pen and paper handy to make notes. You get a flow chart for Module 5 and a Ratings Worksheet (Excel) for use with Module 6 both are downloadable from the members area. So how much does it cost at the moment it is 49.99 UK pounds + VAT that is for the first 100 buyers thereafter it will rise to 99.98 pounds + VAT.

So how am i going to review this one now that is a tricky one, well the main theme from the author is for the user to create there own unique ratings using factors that they feel are important to them. The creator of the course does give a method so i will use this and compare it against my own idea. Now the creators methods has 3 columns Form Class, Speed Class and Earnings Class and the information is readily available in the online Racing Post (Free Version). For my own version i have added  another column Consistency which is the same as the authors Form Class, now my own Form Class is actual form ratings, also i work out the earnings different.

I will apply the same information into both spreadsheets of course my one has one extra factor apart from this the author weighs the 3 different columns differently 1.00, 0.62 and 0.38 for mine this is set to 1.00 for each factor. This may sound confusing right now but these points are explained in the videos. The thing to consider is the ratings will be evolving as you get used to doing the ratings one will probably be tweaking and experimenting with different settings.

What Races ?

Well it would be difficult to rate every race so as explained  in the videos you need to find a niche so that you only have a select few races per day. So without taking up too much space i am going to concentrate on the following:

Field Size 4 to 12

Class 5 and Above

1 mile to 3 miles distance

No Amateur, Apprentice, Conditional Jockey races

No Auction, Claiming, Selling races.

No NH flat , Hunter  Chase races

Based on the above i will take the best 1 or 2 races at each meeting.

What to do with Ratings?

Now the spreadsheet that you can download will actually show green in the Final Rating if the actual rating hits a certain percentage which means it should have a better chance of winning so for the Win Bets i will use the Top or  Top 2 Rated providing they show green and have a rating of 20 points or more. You may have more than 2 selections if they are joint rated, although it does have a column with a ranking i prefer to look at the Final Rating.

Opposite to the green coding some horses will have a pinkish background in the Final Rating column this is horses who have hit a low percentage of winning so we going to look at these as Lay bets providing they have a rating of less than 10 points.  Now some of the selections that fall in this category can have high odds which could be uncomfortable to alot of backers so i will only show bets under 10.00 at Betfair SP.

I will also give results to the so called exotic bets doubles, trebles and forecast etc when such opportunities arise for such bets.

Recording The Results

All win bets and lays will be to Betfair SP minus 5% commission on winnings and forecast to Computer Straight Forecast returns.  I will run 3 sets of 100 point banks for the creators approach and 3 for mine to cover Win Bets, Lay Bets and Exotic Bets. I actually have been using  Race Ratings Pro personally for nearly 2 weeks so when this review became available that is why i volunteered for it as i have data from the 19th January. The results  I will be posting  shortly.


This is quite an ambitious review even then i can not cover all the different angles that could be put into the ratings, so all we can do is see how it fares. As i progress through the review i might see some patterns such as only horses rated a certain number and above, horses rated  so much higher than their rivals, if i spot such developments i shall mention them in the Final Review.

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Sgt George

Sgt George reviews Race Ratings Pro