Racing Analyser Introduction

2nd November 2013

 Racing Analyser

Sgt Lucian – Introduces Racing Analyser


Hi Bloggers,

Here is the review of  Racing Analyser, a WIN! Network managed service. 

Short infos from Racing Analyser webpage. RA is a tipping service and provide up to 7 bets on a week. Not a big number you will say, but their goal is “ABSOLUTE BEST opportunities”.  Now our review will reveal if the service reach the goal. On proofing page Racing Analyser has 185.58 point avrall profit with an average of  57 points per month- August, September, October .  Membership is currently available at £65.00 for 28 days or at  £130.00 for 90 days.  A simple math give us decent profit at £10 per point and a good profit at £20 per point.

Staking Plan  from  Racing Analyser.

Starting Bank – 200 Point.

All Bets are either Win or Each Way Bets and will be advised at stakes up to 5 Points as a Maximum strength Bet.

I will try to update the review everyday but this depends and more like will be an update after three betting days.

 Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

[Click here to see Racing Analyser]


Sgt Lucian Introduces Racing Analyser