Racing Systems Exposed (eBook) Introduction

Hi Constables,

I have been asked to take a look at the Racing Systems Exposed eBook.

This is a product from Kris Jackman which explains the mechanics of finding a horse to lay after evaluating lots of criteria.  In essence, it enables you to try and identify a false favourite (although to avoid confusion, this is the forerunner to another laying eBook out there called False Favourites).

The eBook comes in Adobe Acrobat PDF form and is 105 pages in length.  Although this initially sounds quite daunting, it is worth noting that the font is quite large, and approximately 25% of the eBook is dedicated to examples that Kris runs through to help you see how to spot a good laying opportunity.

The eBook breaks down as follows :

p1-4 Introduction

p5-12 Basics Of Gambling (odds types, notion of value)

p13-21 Basics Of Laying (Using betting exchanges, using Betfair (with tutorial)

p22-32 Racing Post Website Navigation (Racecards, Spotlight, Postdata, Horses race history)

p33-34 Picking A Losing Horse (overview of the 2 main sections that follow)

p35-36 Laying Horses (Flat Racing) :

p37-42 Seven Primary Warning Signs

p43 Evaluating The Opposition

p44-49 Eight Secondary Warning Signs

p50-51 Bringing It All Together (includes handy table to jot positives and negative down on)

p52-65 Examples (Where Kris walks you through some sample races)

p66 Laying Horses – National Hunt (Jump) Racing :

p67-72 Seven Primary Warning Signs

p73 Evaluating The Opposition

p74-76 Seven Secondary Warning Signs

p77-78 Bringing It All Together (includes handy table to jot positives and negative down on)

p79-90 Examples (Where Kris walks you through some sample races)

p91-101 Maximising Profits/Use Of Bots/Laying A Non-Favourite (plus example)

p102-104 Professional Betting (Bank/Staking – including Fixed vs Liability)/Recording Bets

p105 Final Thoughts

So how do I review an eBook?  Well, I am going to have a go myself at finding some selections and will post them up and record their progress.  Originally, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to review this as I don’t tend to get involved with laying horses.  The reason I am reviewing this is purely and simply because of that last statement.  If I can do it successfully, then this eBook will have proved it’s weight in gold!

I’ll try and post up some reasoning behind each selection, although it will be carefully worded to protect the content in the eBook.

For those interesting in purchasing the eBook, there are in fact two options :

1) Purchase the eBook only (currently, as I write this on Saturday 31st July at 7:20 a.m., it is available at £7)

2) Purchase the eBook (get a month of Kris’ tipping service free) and then subscribe to Kris’ tipping service (£37 a month).

For clarity of point 2), Kris provides a daily service where he provides tips…for those that don’t want to scrutinise racing form, this is an alternative option.  I am informed by Kris that his tipster service is just over 40 points up for the year.

I will be reviewing this tipping service as well – all you need to find are posts featuring Racing Systems Exposed (tips) as opposed to Racing Systems Exposed (eBook).

Payment is by Clickbank and use of Paypal is accepted as well.

My first impressions of the eBook are good.  It is clear, well set out and even this newbie layer only had a couple of reads before he was shortlisting horses that duly lost (we’ll see how I get on when I start proofing them on the blog!)

At the current price of £7 it looks to be an absolute steal as it appears ideal for said newbies and even veteran layers might find it appealing as a refresher course.

Cheers for now,

Sgt Rob

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