Golden Key Method 2 – Day 84


Golden Key Method 2 Day  84 August 26th

Hi Bloggers

    Well GKM2 review has come to an end unfortunately we did not go out with a bang ending the day with a slight loss of 0.73 points.  So i will hopefully publish the Final Review next week, alot of numbers to go through i will also give the results for Variant 2 the trading version as well and try to give some feedback on the Betfair only options.

P/L on the Day =   minus 0.73 points

Cumulative Bank after Day 84 = + 172.68  points


Sgt Dave

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  • Jackie G says:

    I’m down to 7 BOG bookies and it dont matter if you win or lose with them because if they think you are using these methods they will restrict you eventally.
    I have actually given Betinternet over £1000 from BF and they have still restricted me after a month of using ABTB and GKM2.
    I never went over £1 per point and always rounded off.
    I still make good returns with my own arbing but have lost some of the BOG bookies.

  • Hansel says:


    Thanks Anne, I have read the ABTB review and comments so will hopefully be ok. I still find it strange though, given I had losses at Coral in excess of any winners so not sure it would have helped in this instance.

  • Matt. says:

    I need to start doing as you suggest Anne. Tried it with horses, but in some instances ive won more at the bookie! Thank God the football season is back!

    Dave – great review, am looking forward to your number crunching to see how your figures compare to mine. Did you get an email from the author about versions 3 and 4? Betfair only, I believe. Haven’t had chance to watch yet unfortunately.


  • anne says:

    Hi Hansel,

    A similar thing has happened to many people using this and All By The Book, you can keep the bookies happy by “faking losses” with them, back a team that is likeley to loose in sport then lay then on betfair, you should win the betfair bet and are in essence transering funds to the betfair one from your bookmaker, you will pay the 5% comm with betfair but sometimes you will get a small profit depending on the odds, this subject has been covered in great detail in the All By The Book review, take a look at the whole of the comments and you wll get tips from people on how to fake a loss and have had to deal with this very issue. I usually use football and back the team that doesn’t have a hope of winning. Best of Luck.

  • Hansel says:

    Hi, I need help!!
    I’ve been using this system for less than a month and it’s been going along quite nicely, but today I’ve had my account with coral effectively closed. Having not have this happen before, I’m a little worried it might happen with other bookies purely from using this one system. Any thoughts on how I can make sure this doesn’t happen are greatly appreciated (I wasn’t in profit with them so thought I’d be ok!).