Triple H Horseracing – Introduction


Triple H Horseracing – Introduction

Triple H Horseracing

25th January 2012

Sgt Colin Introduces Triple H Horseracing

Hi, Sgt Colin here, with my fourth review for & the sister website  I am going to review the Triple H Horseracing service, which is available through Steve Davidson, but is written by “Zen”. This is a horseracing system which provides rules for selecting horses to win or place in certain UK handicap races. It is available for a one off payment of £69.95. The system does not come on a “pdf”, but is an encrypted download which prevents copying.

Without giving too much away, Triple H Horseracing requires you to make selections by comparing bookmakers & Betfair odds, both for win & place bets, and placing bets with the bookie when certain criteria are met. The system states that c90 minutes may be required for the selection process, prior to racing starting.

However, if that is too much trouble, Zen provides a selection service for the following prices: £47 per month, £99 for 3 months if you don’t buy the system, and £30 per month, £70 for 3 months if you also acquire it.

I’m going to monitor the selection service, and also attempt to make some selections independently. Note that the nature of the selection process means that I would not necessarily make the same selections.

I will be monitoring two separate sets of results – resulting from different classes of handicap race, and the use of both level staking and a recommended staking plan for each.

As I write this, I have already been monitoring performance for 5 days.

Initial thoughts are that the system is well thought out, but that it is very time critical, and it is likely that when there are a significant number of meetings the selection process could be time consuming. Triple H Horseracing selections have been received effectively – the service so far has been very good.

Some potential issues are that:

a) the system will only work fully efficiently if you have a significant number of bookmakers’ accounts (the manual assumes 10, recommends 17)

b) it will be difficult to always achieve the odds recommended, as they will tend to be outliers and are likely to disappear in a similar way to arbitrage betting.

I look forward to seeing how the system works over our trial period, which will initially be 56 days, and which may be extended to 84 days if the results are promising.

[Click here to see Triple H Horseracing]

Sgt Colin Introduces Triple H Horseracing

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