Three Key Football Week 5


Three Key Football Week 5

24th – 30th March 2014


Sgt Jon Reviews Three Key Football

What a great week with four winning bets from seven selections which included the first double as well. The staking plans B and C showed their strength adding 12.49 points to Plan B and a massive 24.47 points to Plan C which has now almost doubled that starting bank in just five weeks!

All bets this week were placed with matches on the recommended stats site.

Bet 18 – Tuesday 25th March

Selections: Burnley (W), Wolves (W), Chesterfield (W)

Winning Treble        Bookmaker: Betway    Price: 3.16

Plan A                Opening Bank    62.75 points  
                           Closing Bank     64.91 points                  + 2.16 points

Plan B                Opening Bank    69.17 points               
                           Closing Bank     71.33 points                   + 2.16 points

Plan C                Opening Bank    72.01 points  
                           Closing Bank     75.90 points                  + 3.89 points

Bet 19 – Wednesday 26th March

Selections:  Basel (W), Tomsk (Russia) (D), Kaiserslautern (D)

Losing Treble        Bookmaker: Stan James  Price: 3.45

 Plan A                Opening Bank   64.91 points
                            Closing Bank    63.91 points              

Plan B                Opening Bank    71.33 points
                           Closing Bank     70.33 points             

Plan C                 Opening Bank   75.90 points
                           Closing Bank     74.00 points             

Bet 20 – Thursday 27th March

Selections:  CSKA Moscow (D), Real Sociedad (W), Inter Milan (D)

Losing Treble        Bookmaker: Will Hill   Price: 3.46

 Plan A                Opening Bank   63.91 points
                             Closing Bank   62.91 points             

Plan B                Opening Bank    70.33 points
                           Closing Bank     68.83 points             

Plan C                 Opening Bank   74.00 points
                           Closing Bank     71.15 points             

Bet 21 – Friday 28th March

Selections:  Palmeiras (Brazil) (W), Schalke (W), Club Brugge (W) 

Winning Treble        Bookmaker: Bet Victor  Price: 4.11

 Plan A                Opening Bank   62.91 points
                             Closing Bank   66.02 points                   + 3.11 points       

Plan B                Opening Bank    68.83 points
                           Closing Bank     75.83 points                   + 7.00 points     

Plan C                 Opening Bank   71.15 points
                           Closing Bank     84.46 points                  + 13.31 points

Bet 22 – Saturday 29th March                                    

Selections: Rapid Vienna (W), Benfica 2 (Portugal 2) (W)

Winning Double        Bookmaker: Bet Victor  Price: 3.24

 Plan A                Opening Bank   66.02 points
                             Closing Bank   68.26 points                       + 2.24 points               

Plan B                Opening Bank    75.83 points
                           Closing Bank     78.07 points                        + 2.24 points                

Plan C                 Opening Bank   84.46 points
                           Closing Bank     88.94 points                        + 4.48 points 

Bet 23 – Saturday 29th March

Selections:  Millonarios (Columbia) (W), Cruz Azul (Mexico) (L), Newells Old Boys (Argentina) (D)

Losing Treble        Bookmaker: Will Hill  Price: 3.51

 Plan A                Opening Bank   68.26 points
                             Closing Bank   67.26 points                

Plan B                Opening Bank    78.07 points
                           Closing Bank     77.07 points                  

Plan C                 Opening Bank   88.94 points
                           Closing Bank     86.84 points  

Bet 24 – Sunday 30th March

Selections:  Levadiakos (Greece) (W), Liverpool (W), Lanus (Argentina) (W) 

Winning Treble        Bookmaker: Bet Victor  Price: 4.06

 Plan A                Opening Bank   67.26 points
                             Closing Bank   70.32 points            + 3.06 points    

Plan B                Opening Bank    77.07 points
                           Closing Bank     81.66 points           + 4.59 points        

Plan C                 Opening Bank   86.84 points
                           Closing Bank     96.48 points           + 9.64 points


Strike Rate to date 12/24 = 50%    

Next review update will be on Sunday 6th April

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Jon Reviews Three Key Football

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April 11, 2014

fraser @ 8:07 am #

When I purchased this some time ago I gave it a whirl and spent a long time researching teams etc. before selections. All I ever got was losing selections. I wrote to Steve Davidson and asked if he could request the author provide a selection service that you subscribe to. No response was provided. Too much ambiguity and thus luck plays a part in this methodology.

April 5, 2014

Pete @ 1:20 pm #

@Sgt Jon:
Don’t you think this is money for old rope?
Why not use the list of games from the best of the bookies for multiples e.g. BetVic, pick your home double or treble based on your own intelligence and employ your own stake recovery plan. I just can’t see the value in paying for this strategy when it is something which is easy to do yourself. Now if the ‘author’ actually produced the selections for you and put his neck in the old rope then perhaps there would be some value!
But at £67 or £87 which is non-refundable this is pure profiteering from something which is easily to DIY!
Your results are better than mine despite my own research – I have been ‘unlucky’ with some results but am currently at a break even point after 7 bets. Well done on your excellent results so far.

April 3, 2014

Ian @ 1:15 pm #

I have been struggling with this too. There is too much ambiguity in the selections. There has to be a better way of selecting the games in my view and i do think that the author should be doing more.

March 31, 2014

Alexis @ 9:06 pm #

I agree with carlos. I’m no way near these trial results. Following the selection criteria to the letter according to the manual just this same week has left me only losses with not a single win this week

Carlos @ 1:02 am #

What are the concrete selection criteria that you use? I have been making many loosing selections (for the same days) and don’t understand why! how do you chose in the recommended site? many thanks for your information


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