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Please everyone beware of A J Tips.

I have evidence to prove that Andrew Jackson that operates A J Tips is not actually Andrew Jackson But Colin Andrews, He is the former keeper of the scam I revealed last week JCA Racing and Gold Lay.

Those two sites have now mysteriously disappeared and I strongly suggest everyone who paid them any money within the past 45 days contacts paypal for a refund saying the service has disappeared.

Ok so the evidence against A J Tips.

Firstly i received an email from AJ tips which was sent and addressed “Colin Andrews” This email contained aggresive language that i cannot show on the website as it may upset some viewers the language used is terrible.

The problem is the email was sent by Andrew Jacksons customer service email address. please see below. Obviously in their despair of being uncovered they have signed the email “Colin Andrews” as stupid as they are they hit sent and actually forgot which alias they were using. Absolutely pathetic! IT takes a very cool and collective person to lie to a mass amount of people and not leave any trails and these guys not only were poor at running tipping services they just do not cut the mustard at being scammers.

So you can see it was a pretty much a school boy error but you see you get caught out eventually. I believe Colin Andrews to be the same person behind the Jamie Kelly stuff. There is so much evidence pointing that way on the net.

Anyway the latest finds have been that i received several emails from people stating that they had asked for there refund in line with the guarantee offered on site [as per the below image] and no guarantee has been given there emails have simply been ignored, and in some cases as Jons below they were refused the refund. An easy one this via paypal, just point them to the guarantee…

Please see these comments also left on the blog…


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  • Eric Cross says:

    Pleased I found your site. Was just about to sign up to Reg Edwards but having read some of the comments I think I will give it a wide berth. You are now in my favourites for future reference. Thanks very much

  • Kevin mcleod says:

    Just opened a letter tonight ( 9/11/15) from Reg Edwards. He is offering patents for an up front fee.
    The addres he claims on the form is
    8 Cleeve court
    2 hedges road
    On the back of the letter it shows hand written letters and a couple of typed ones from his extremely satisfied followers – but probably written with his own hand.
    I shall be throwing this one in the bin I reckon.
    Thanks for the good info chaps.
    Let’s expose these conning bastards.

  • matt says:

    Hi guys i just received a letter from reg edwards different number and address 07833490888
    8 cleeve court,
    two hedges rd,
    bishops cleeve
    cheltenham glos
    gl52 8du

    obviously a scam so many different addresses thought id share

  • Steve Bishop says:

    signed up recently with reg edwards, payed £100 for 3 months, over last 3 wks had 5 tips from him, all lost. Last one this sat came in at position 17!!@Mike Zammit:

  • denzal says:

    hi mate i wasted 50 notes a few years back waste of time promises of big priced winners,also said he would put on a 50 pond double if the patent didnt win,he sent a copy of a betting slip with the 50 double 1 winner and a loser,very predictable,save 50 quid and pick your own

  • Mike Zammit says:

    Hi guys
    the reason for this message is due to the fact that I have just recieved a letter from Reg Edwards stating that he has another Patent lined up for
    Saturday the 22nd of October.
    has anyone had any dealings with him and is he as genuine as he sounds.
    Any information would be appreciated.
    kind Regards Mike Z

  • Marions husband says:

    Be wary of anything from BILL BYRON from Wales. His ‘Missing Link’ horse system was on a par with his ‘Weekend Soccer Bet Method’, both absolute tripe. He is now peddling “a new sensational ‘Winning System’ “.
    Steer clear of this guy.

  • ian raeburn says:

    @William Bunter: in my view just a con man paid £ 50 for 3 horses no winners and his £ 50 double if you dont get any winners 2 short priced favs with only one winning, yet gives you details of many winners

  • Kris says:

    GO GET ‘EM, JAMES!!!!

  • Jeff Jones says:

    Hi All,
    Can anyone tell me what is known about a Reg Edwards,claiming to be a work rider,and who charges for “Big Coups?”………….

  • William Bunter says:

    I cannot comprehend why tipsters and system sellers needs to defraud and cheat the public: It is so absolutely pathetic, as they themselves are pathetic:

    Many of the scam artists obviously have above average intellegence, but do not have above average morals to match it:

    At the end of the day they seldom get away with it before someone smarter than they catches on to their scum bucket methods:

    Unfortunately with the internet being the loose canon it is, these parasites just move from one site to another without getting out of their chair, and within a week these rag head scammers are at it again:

    The few web sites which devote their time and energy to outwitting these charlatans are an absolute Godsend because without them it would be much worse: (If That Is Possible):

    Anyway to the small army of honest webbers who fight the good fight on our behalf and who are totally outnumbered by liars and cheats,I say a BIG Hearty ThankYou, and hope that they get in return some small measure of satisfaction gained honestly from their efforts:
    Power To Your Arm James

  • Commissioner Fitz says:

    Hi Dave thanks for your comments and concern. I felt i needed to do this, and dont worry i will not make a habit out of doing it, ill only do it once.

    At least people can see that I am a family man. And I have tried to be as honest and transparent as possible. All this is for nothing really though as it seems after reading all the emails got after the event everyone said i didnt need to go those lengths.

    Whats done is done and thats it…

    Just an update though… I found out there is a real person called Colin Andrews this name isnt made up and i would go to lengths that he is actually behind all of the Jamie Kelly scams. I spoke to the live wire campaign people today and they hinted that I am dead right about my speculation and Colin Andrews used his own credit card connected to his jca paypal account to fund the transaction that abled him to send the libelous emails out to 80k people. They couldnt tell me any more until My solicitors slap paypal and live wire with a court subpoena but live wire have admitted that if i did so Colin would be easily found as his credit card transaction would have held a real address and I could sue for damages. I am taking advice from my local solicitors and I am going to hit him right where it hurts. No matter the up front costs…

    If you now go to the campaign that Colin bought and sent out to 80k people you can see that they have updated that page with the info i talk about 😉

    cheers the commissioner

  • Durham Dave says:

    Hi James

    Just watched your video. Sadly I have to agree with Steve. It is obvious that this email wound you up, but I do think it a mistake to publish such personal info when there are such nutters around who will send vile messages. You should remember that there are many of us around who know and trust your site. Keep up the good work.

    By the way, did anyone else receive Iain Lewington’s recent trial of his Winning Selections service which showed a loss of over 15 points to level stakes after just 18 days before stopping without warning?

  • steve says:

    i think that you have been a little foolish in making a video that shows where you live and your family.

    There are all kinds of mad heads out there and you could seriously put yourself and the members of your family in danger.

    it is admirable that you are prepared to show yourself warts and all but this could lead to all kinds of problems for your future reviews.

    Sorry mate but i think you need to ditch that video of yourself,Not just for you but also for the sake of your family and the future of your website.

  • Commissioner Fitz says:

    HI David no sorry sir i have no information regarding this fellow. but you could check him out with those details?

  • david says:

    Hi James,
    Have you any details on a Reg Edwards claiming to be a work rider and selling inside information .Address is- 18 Tubbs Farm Close,Lambourn,Hungerford,Berkshire,RG17 8PE, Tel-07769 656322.
    Thanks, you are doing good work.

  • Commissioner Fitz says:

    will do it now mate and ill list it at the top of the page under Scams!

  • eric says:


  • Kris says:

    Hey Mark,
    I do suspect that I am not speaking out of line Commish, esp. with all the malarky that has been going on of late, but Mark — please do name the source of the e-mail recommending AJ Tips to you!! I know James is passionate about the truth, hence the name BettingSystemTruths, so I am sure he won’t mind — as a matter of fact I know he encourages this in his name-and-shame file!! Not only that, but WE ALL need to know the good guys from the bad ones — which essentially is exactly why we are here in the first place!! So Mark, name-and-shame, go for it, before someone else gets burnt!!

  • MARK says:


  • Commissioner Fitz says:

    The website has now disappeared from webspace just like its counter parts JCA Racing and Gold Lay.. Funny how these things pan out ey! And when anyone talks about these sites online make sure they know which review blog uncovered the scams. Because Im going to start making sure Betting System Truths gets the credit it deserves..

    The Commissioner

  • John says:

    My first 30 days produced a small loss but it was the reporting of results at prices that were clearly unobtainable or without allowing for rule 4 deductions that bothered me most.

    In his defence (whoever he actually is) he always responded to emails quickly and politely and when I requested a refund it was processed within a few minutes.

  • Alan says:

    I absolutely agree, AJ Tips is a clone of JCA Racing. Now they closed JCA site but when I looked it was almost a pure copy of AJ Tips site. Stay away of this scam.

  • dale says:

    Hi James, The name jamie kelly rang a bell with me and I looked up my email and found this which I wrote to him after I was scammed out of my money I had in my betfair account at the time

    On 13 Sep 2009, at 08:56, hello wrote:

    Not the right answer. Your methods staking plan is flawed. If I had a 500pound bank you would have lost that also because the staking plan keeps making bigger bets. You have a run of outs and you loose, or should I say I loose. You need to be put in the’ scams’ file. cheers. DS.
    This —ck and any alias he has needs to be exposed big time. He was recommending a martingale staking plan as it turned out and probably cost a lot more people than me to loose their bank. Can anyone supply a photo of him and expose him to the world. cheers Dale