Selective Racing Trust Introduction

18th April 2014

 Selective Racing Trust

Sgt Rafal Introduces Selective Racing Trust

Hi everyone. My name is Rafal. I have been betting and trading for betfair for past two years. In that time I been through many systems.

I have been following Betting System Reviews for over a year or so. Decided recently to join their team and this is my first try:)

I work full time in betting shop so betting is part of my life. Will do my best to provide professional review of tipster.

Selective Horse Racing Win Bets

Selective Racing Trust has been operating since 2011 but first began proofing to Betting Gods early 2014. Taking a very selective, disciplined approach to Horse Racing betting the service provides around 4 carefully selected bets per week. An ideal service if you appreciate the need for a disciplined, patient and well thought out approach to your betting.

First month is only £4.95 on all subscriptions with Selective Racing Trust giving you the opportunity to test the service out fully for less than £5.00 for a full month.  After that is £24.95 per month.

For Betting System Reviews I will use level stakes.  I will update results every week as service doesn’t always provide tips every day.

So far based on information on website Selective Horse Racing Win bets achieved 33.33% strike rate which is very good. Profit since February is 52.2pts 105.16% RoI.

Tips are sent by email by latest 2pm. With recommended starting bank of 50 pts. 

I will have two banks. One for SP used with Bookmakers and other one for Betfair using BSP.

Trial will initially last for 56 days and if successful will be extended to 84 days.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Rafal Introduces Selective Racing Trust