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Sgt Howard reviews Smart Racing Trader

Hi Bloggers,

Sgt Howard here you will usually find me over on lay the odds.   This is my first review on BST.  My name is Howard and I’m 38 years old, live in the North West and have 20+ years betting experience.  I have always taken a keen interest in Betting particularly Horse Racing.  I only recently turned Professional this year.  I have plenty of experience in both Backing, Laying and Trading, but Trading represents my main source of income now.

Anyway on to the Introduction for Smart Racing Trader.  In case you don’t know these strategies comes from the same collaborators of All By the Book, Golden Key Method, Betfair ATM, and Pro Betfair Trader.  All these systems / strategies having previously passed reviews with ABTB receiving the maximum rating.   Therefore I’m very much looking forward to reviewing SRT.


Smart Racing Trader currently costs £69.95,  There is no refunds or trial periods,  though this has to be the case because unlike some other betting products these are strategies with nothing tangible to return.

The strategies

So what do you get for your money.  Well Smart Racing Trader is two rule based strategies.  The rules appear very straight forward and easy to follow but of course I’ll be able to tell you more when I have been using these strategies for some time.   Both these strategies are to be applied on UK Horse Racing only.   Although I don’t think you’ll require assistance to operate these, assistance is offered by the Author and email address provided.   The strategies whilst very straight forward appear to have sound logic behind them as to why they should be profitable long-term.

System 1 Smart Sequencer Trading Strategy.

This involves monitoring the first race of the day.  This strategy will produce up to four trades a day.  Some days there won’t be any trades and it is advised it involves up to a maximum of an hours work.  This strategy can only be applied on week days, no weekend or bank holiday betting.   It involves backing first and then laying to trade out.  You wouldn’t need lots of trading experience to follow this strategy.  Trading entry and exit points are clearly advised.  There are video tutorials in any case showing it in action.

System 2 National Hunt Flat Trading Strategy.

As the title suggests this strategy bets on NH Flat races only.  It involves monitoring NH Flat race markets close to the off.   It involves backing first and then laying off to trade out.  It is advised up to a maximum of 30 mins will be required to follow this strategy.  This strategy can be operated on week days, weekends and bank holidays.  Trading entry and exit points are clearly advised.  Again there are video tutorials if required but it is a very simple strategy.

To operate these strategies you’ll need:

  • To be able to bet weekdays and be prepared to spend up to a maximum of an hour a day to operate both systems.
  • Have a Betfair account.

It’s also strongly advised that you have access to Trading software e.g. Fairbot, Bet Angel, Geekstoy, Bet Trader Evo etc.  For the purpose of this trial I will be using Evo (in turbo mode since I use this for my own trading).  The seller states they think you can use Betfair for system one but advises something like one of the above for System 2 ideally for ease.

The initial review will last 56 Betting Days.  Which can be reviewed as we go along if there are a lot of non betting days.

Staking Plan and Betting Balance

There is no advised staking plan but the sales page does state you can operate this system from a fairly small betting bank.  With this strategy the exit point of your trade is clearly managed and there will never be a case when the full stake is at full risk.   With this in mind I will operate a 1000 pt Bank with a level stake of 100 pts per trade for both strategies.

Review updates

I intend to do daily / or every two day updates during the review.

Finally I just thought it worth adding that with any trading strategies it is fair to say results from person to person (both following the same strategy at same time) will always differ.  Although this will always be the case, having read through these strategies due to the simplistic nature of them, I think it is fair to say my results should reasonably accurately reflect the effectiveness of the system during the review period.


Sgt Howard reviewing Smart Racing Trader

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