Soccer Goals Syndrome Introduction

29th February 2016



Sgt Accent – Introduces Soccer Goals Syndrome

OK I’m back  again after a long vacation!  Now with another football system, this time it’s Soccer Goals Syndrome from Steve Davidson. The author is Dennis same author of “Global Soccer Goals , Three key Football and Goliath Goals Gain System”  The system is billed as a simple one for football followers and apparently works on “most leagues around the world,” which is slightly ominous.

Having had a look at the manual, it is indeed very straightforward and should only take a few minutes a day to find the selections. The selection involve three games per selected leagues and use Trixie bet system to place them ( 3 doubles and  1 treble)

There are two approaches you can use:

1. Betting on selected leagues for every round of fixtures – so this would include lots of weekend betting, meaning it’s a quick and easy process just as the system advertises, plus the possibility of placing your bets days in advance if you wish to.

2. Betting on games every day throughout the week, separating them on a country and league by league basis –  This approach will obviously throw up more games and be a bit more time consuming, however I often have a good chunk of time available in the morning and betting on a variety of games should present a good picture of how the system performs.  However, working this way might throw up too many games for it to be practical at the weekends.

We will use approaches no 1 . We will betting on only selected league and only on weekend games . It is the games play on Friday to Monday ( I am including Monday as weekend 🙂

The system claims to have made 673 points profit over the 2014/15 season at a return on investment of 25%. So we want to prove this !

I will be running the standard 12 weeks review  on this system.

The system is delivered as an exe file which means it will only run on Windows machines – this is not a program that places bets for you, it is an e-reader program with embedded content, you have to select and place the bets yourself. Soccer Goals Syndrome currently costs £59.97, payable via PayPal. There is no money back guarantee.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.


[Click here to see Soccer Goals Syndrome]


Sgt Accent Introduces Soccer Goals Syndrome