SSP – American Sports – Introduction

SSP - American Sports

07th January 2012

Sergeant Lucian – Introduces SSP – American Sports

Hi Bloggers,

Here is the review of the new Cory Daniels SSP – American Sports tips service.

SSP – American Sports tips service is new in town and for the moment is on free trial so no price info for the moment. The service covers all American Sports – NBA Basketball Tips, NFL & College Football Tips and NHL Hockey Tips. Also there are some Bonus Pdfs & Bet Advice in members area.

We have been carrying out a separate review on BST, for some time, of Stateside Sports Pro – Soccer tips service.

The initial review of SSP – American Sports will be for 56 “betting days”, and may be extended to 84 “betting days”, depending on its performance. If enough tips don’t come through on a daily basis, then the review will automatically go for 12 weeks.

The initial bank will be 100 points on every every sport and 3% stake as Cory Daniels recommended.

We are going to also monitor results to level stakes for comparison purposes with other reviews. However the vendor does not recommend using level stakes: “I do not use flat stakes and my service should not be judged on  flat staking, this would be showing my service in a poor light even if It is in negative situation flat stakes could make my service look better than it is, so something for you to think about with your review. Half of the power of my service/system is to do with the power of a compounding bank. I do not think my service will provide enough profit from flat staking and so i do not entertain this idea for any of my clients.” .

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

[Click here to see SSP – American Sports]


Sgt Lucian – Introduces SSP – American Sports