Stateside Sports Pro Days 43-57

4th December 2011

Sgt Jonny Reviews Stateside Sports Pro

Hi Bloggers, here are the results for days 43-57 for Stateside Sports Pro. Unfortunately things haven’t really got much better over the last couple of weeks.

The figures below are for a 2% of bank (The 2% recalculated daily) staking plan. Level staking plan p/l is below.

16/11/2011Mineiro – BotafogoOver 2.51.75win£1.49£1.12£75.55
16/11/2011Fluminense – GremioOver 2.51.80win£1.49£1.19£76.74
16/11/2011Internacional – BahiaOver 2.51.80loss£1.49-£1.49£75.25
17/11/2011Atletico -MG – CoritibaOver 2.51.83win£1.51£1.25£76.50
17/11/2011Santos – Atletico GOSantos -12.01loss£1.51-£1.51£75.00
18/11/2011CSKA Moscow – KazanOver 2.52.32win£1.50£1.98£76.98
18/11/2011Toulouse – LilleLille -0.252.08loss£1.50-£1.50£75.48
19/11/2011Norwich – ArsenalArsenal -0.751.95win£1.51£1.43£76.91
19/11/2011Everton – WolvesWolves +0.252.85loss£1.51-£1.51£75.40
19/11/2011Man City – NewcastleNewcastle +1.52.10loss£1.51-£1.51£73.89
19/11/2011Swansea – Man UMan U -11.94void£1.51£0.00£73.89
19/11/2011Valencia – Real MadridOver 3.52.59win£1.51£2.40£76.29
19/11/2011Valencia – Real MadridValencia +0.252.85loss£1.51-£1.51£74.78
20/11/2011Bologna – Cesena + Roma – LecceUnder 2.5 + Under 3.52.50win£1.50£2.24£77.03
20/11/2011Chelsea – LiverpoolLiverpool -1.54.77win£1.50£5.64£82.66
20/11/2011Chelsea – LiverpoolLiverpool +0.751.82win£1.50£1.23£83.89
20/11/2011PSG – NancyPSG -1.52.06loss£1.50-£1.50£82.39
21/11/2011Bursaspor – SamsunsporSamsunspor +0.752.25loss£1.65-£1.65£80.75
21/11/2011Santander – MalagaSantander Draw No Bet2.36loss£1.65-£1.65£79.10
21/11/2011Tottenham – Aston VillaOver 2.51.67loss£1.65-£1.65£77.45
22/11/2011Moscow – LilleOver 2.52.16loss£1.55-£1.55£75.90
22/11/2011Napoli – Man CityOver 2.52.00win£1.55£1.55£77.45
22/11/2011Trabzonspor – InterInter Draw No Bet1.83void£1.55£0.00£77.45
22/11/2011Napoli – Man City + Man U – BenficaMan city 0 + Man U 01.89loss£1.55-£1.55£75.90
23/11/2011Donetsk – PortoOver 2.52.00loss£1.52-£1.52£74.38
23/11/2011Marseille – OlympiakosBoth teams to Score2.10loss£1.52-£1.52£72.87
23/11/2011Milan – BarcelonaMilan5.10loss£1.52-£1.52£71.35
23/11/2011Milan – BarcelonaMilan +0.752.00half loss£1.52-£0.76£70.59
25/11/2011Koln – MoenchengladbachOver 2.51.85loss£1.41-£1.41£69.18
25/11/2011Port Vale – TorquayTorquay 02.05void£1.41£0.00£69.18
26/11/2011Dortmund – SchalkeOver 2.51.85loss£1.38-£1.38£67.79
26/11/2011Norwich – QPROver 2.51.87win£1.38£1.20£69.00
26/11/2011Bolton – EvertonOver 2.51.91loss£1.38-£1.38£67.61
26/11/2011Man U – NewcastleNewcastle +1.51.89win£1.38£1.23£68.84
26/11/2011West Brom – Spurs + Arsenal – FulhamTottenham and Arsenal over 1.5 Team goals2.75loss£1.38-£1.38£67.46
27/11/2011Kilmarnock – RangersRangers -11.82loss£1.35-£1.35£66.11
27/11/2011Swansea – Aston VillaSwansea Draw No Bet1.62void£1.35£0.00£66.11
27/11/2011Liverpool – Man CityMan City Draw No Bet2.00void£1.35£0.00£66.11
28/11/2011Dusseldorf – FurthDusseldorf -0.251.89win£1.32£1.18£67.29
28/11/2011Ascoli – BariBari Draw No Bet2.05loss£1.32-£1.32£65.97
28/11/2011Ascoli – BariUnder 2.51.61loss£1.32-£1.32£64.64
28/11/2011Malaga – VillarrealVillarreal +0.751.93half loss£1.32-£0.66£63.98
29/11/2011Chelsea – LiverpoolLiverpool4.33win£1.28£4.26£68.24
29/11/2011Chelsea – LiverpoolLiverpool +0.751.68win£1.28£0.87£69.12
29/11/2011Napoli – JuventusJuventus +0.251.83half win£1.28£0.53£69.65
29/11/2011Arsenal – Man CityArsenal +0,251.88loss£1.28-£1.28£68.37

Recommended Staking Plan

Start Bank: 100 points

Recommended Staking Plan Days 43-57 Profit: -6.06 Pts loss

Total P/L: -31.63 Points loss

Running Bank: 68.37 points

Level Stakes

Start Bank: 100 points

Level Stakes Days 43-57 Profit: -3.59 Pts loss

Level Stakes Total: -17.46 Pts loss

Running Bank: 82.54 Pts


Sgt Jonny

Sgt Jonny Reviewing Stateside Sports Pro

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