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Free Horse Racing Tips

Free Horse Racing Tips

Hi it’s James Fitzmaurice, today i have a lengthy post but one you are definitely going to want to read till the end. It is regarding some excellent news I want to bring you all regarding our brand new platform being released today. It’s called: Tipster Hub.

Tipster Hub offers everyone from the betting fraternity the chance to sign up to our bespoke Free Horse Racing Tips Machine known as “Tipster Hub HQ”. You can join Tipster Hub Free Here

This Free Horse Racing Tips service will be provided by me and my team and has been doing very very well the past year or so.

Tipster hub will be a unique betting platform, which will bring like minded horse racing tipsters and punters together.

All the paid services will be provided by you the betting fraternity! Punters who know what works. This is different straight away because most services out there are provided by marketers.

…You get my drift. Yup even my service on offer “Tipster Hub HQ” is going to be FREE. I will not charge you for it. Its not my place. You have followed me with Betting System Truths (most of you since 2007) and I want to give something back to you guys for supporting the site.

My Tipster Hub HQ Free Horse Racing Tips service has improved a 20 point bank by over 500% in the last 12 months or so. More on this later though…

Tipster Hub (the platform as a whole) allows you to select and follow the best tipsters available anywhere online today.

One of the many great things surrounding Tipster Hub is that if you don’t have a product to bring to the market you still benefit just by being involved. 

Once Tipster Hub is released, all you need to do is sign up… You will then gain access to some fantastic….

Free Horse Racing Tips!

Not only will you be able to grab my Free HQ service but you also have the opportunity to follow the best tipsters whose systems have been fully reviewed for a minimum of 6 months behind the scenes at Betting System Truths.

All these systems are verified so that you can profit from someone else’s hard work, how good does that sound…? We currently have 43 tipsters on our books with 17 of them showing great profits and 2 of them with enough history to be released to you very soon.

Heres More Good News – 

All tipster services will be automated, yes you read that correctly, all tipster hub systems on the site will be fully automated if thats what you want…

The Free Horse Racing Tips HQ service you will not be able to have emailed to you (available on webpage). However, the paid services due to be released over the coming months can be emailed to you daily in the morning. You can also like i said above have all these tips placed on your betfair account automatically using our automated software.

You will never have to worry about missing out on any bets, or sitting at the computer all day waiting for selections.

Everything is taken care of for you, and we personally monitor and record all tipsters with my full team over at Tipster Hubs sister site, Betting Systems Truths.

We have you fully covered so that Tipster Hub is your one stop shop for all your automated betting needs.

I’m so excited about Tipster Hub and from the handful of people who have had a sneak peak at the Tipster Hub platform i can tell from their response that we are going to easily provide you with the best tipster services available online with constantly profitable results.

No… not all services will be in profit all of the time. Thats nigh on impossible, however the majority of punters just like you who provide a service on the platform will be making you and themselves profits in the short and long term.

Let me tell you a little bit more of the background as to why i decided to spend my time effort and money to bring you this revolutionary platform.

With my current position in this market as a Guardian over quality betting systems, my goal is to recommend and sniff out the good the bad and the damn right scummy betting systems with BST, Tipster Hubs sister site. I realised however that BST alone could not deal with the market as a whole and i needed a brand new additional platform to make sure i keep providing my followers with the very best services available.

I have found that quality tipsters need a platform to reach out to the masses who are searching for someone to provide quality information.

Punters just like you needed a way to bring their expertise to the front of the betting market. 

Tipsters would email me daily with great systems they have developed and laboured over. Some spent months sometimes even years working on and fine tuning these systems and keeping them all to themselves.

Tipster Hub gives those Tipsters not only a voice but a platform which is self contained  and gives them exposure to the masses.

I know a lot of punters who simply don’t have the time necessary to put in the hours form reading and making selections every day. If you have an interest in horse racing or just love a flutter on a weekend then Tipster Hub is where you will find exactly what you are looking for. 

As a Tipster with a system – don’t worry you won’t have to handle support or deal with emails, at Tipster Hub we handle and take care of everything for you. 

You are the people we want to be involved with here at Tipster Hub, the people who understand horse racing and those people who are clever enough to actually make systems work and adapt them to the horse racing game throughout the coming months and years.

Don’t forget to join Tipster Hub Here…

We currently have a few services ready to go ahead of schedule and the tipsters are very excited to show you what they have been working so hard on and look forward to helping you with your betting activities.

You can get started with my Free Horse Racing Tips, Tipster Hub HQ on the link below.

I had fun putting this together for you…

Tipster Hub is here,

Are you prepared?

Do you have what it takes to stamp your name on the Hub.?


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