Total Football Trading The Paper Chaser – Days 35 to 37

22nd December 2011

Hi Bloggers, Sgt Colin here.

3 days to review on this post, although I only traded on one. Monday didn’t have any matches of note to consider

Tuesday 20th

This was a strange day, when I initially monitored 7 games (where there was sufficient money being traded). However, none of them gave me a conclusive reason to trade, with lots of conflicting signals. I got confused – and took the sensible option, which was to leave well alone

Wednesday 21st December

Again plenty of tradeable matches – but this time I took the plunge, and traded 4 games.

Man U @ Fulham.  Layed United at 1.87. After shortening for a while, the odds lengthened towards the recommended closure time, and I managed to close out at a small gain (0.58 points).

Liverpool @ Wigan. Backed Liverpool at 1.56, anticipating the odds would shorten. They steadfastly refused to move around much at all, but as with the United game, I managed to close out at a small profit (0.61).

Villareal v Mirendes. Backed the home team at 1.55, and initially the odds went up. However, with about 2 hours to go to kick off, they shortened significantly, allowing me to lay at 1.51. A 2.52 point gain.

Arsenal @ Villa. A late call this one, and I decided to trade this after all the others (although well within the advised timeframes). Initially layed Arsenal at 1.82 (somewhat against my prejudices) – but the odds shortened further, and I closed out at 1.8, making a 1.36 point loss.

So plenty of activity, and a decent gain of 2.36 points.

Thursday 22nd December

Only 3 games to chose from, and none were traded.

31 trading days gone for The Paper Chaser

79 selections, 44 winners, 26 losers, 9 break-even (56% hit rate).
Cumulative gain 109.84 points,
Betting bank 1109.8 (from 1000 start point).
ROI  – using the risk investment methodology. 37.5% (see Day 24’s blog for calculation method)

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Sgt Colin – Total Football Trading The Paper Chaser