The Each Way King Introduction

22nd April 2017






Sgt Mack Introduces The Each Way King 




I’m Sgt. Mack and this is my very first review at Betting System Truths.
I have just turned 50 years old and I have had numerous systems throughout the years which have failed and an handful
that have succeeded. I have purchased several products based on reviews and I am here to give you and always will give you my honest review of any product that I review. And I will be reviewing a product from the Betting Gods website called “The Each Way King”


The service is run by Jerry at the Betting Gods network of tipsters who like all their other products offer a full 60 day
money back guarantee. Also, whilst browsing through Google I noticed that they have a 5 star rating from a satisfied client. And full results can be viewed on the website
starting back in June 2015 with a current profit as of the 20th April 2017 of 3,114.70 so a hefty profit there.


The selections are sent via E-Mail and Mobile App Monday to Sunday between 8.30pm-10pm and the selections are well written by Jerry with the race time,
meeting and selection written in bold so it stands out clearly. Jerry then goes into further detail giving you his reasoning behind each selection,
which adds a nice touch to the overall product. Also , the current odds are given with the appropriate bookmaker for that selection.
With the selections being sent the night before you are given plenty of time to get your bets on,
which is also good for those people with day jobs who want a product that can be used by placing their bets the evening before.
Of course as the name implies the bets are to be placed Each Way and that a 100 point bank be used and that the advised stakes are 1-2 points Each Way.
Also, sometimes Jerry sends you an each-way double and these can vary as to what days he does them.
On average 60-70 selections are e-mailed to you every month and of course has I have already mentioned a 60 day money back guarantee is given should
you be unhappy with the service.


I will be reviewing “The Each Way King” for a minimum of 56 days, possibly 84 , depending on how it performs. I have seen the results so far and both UK and Irish
racing are included and I will be using a £10 per point bet.
It shouldn’t take too long to place the bets depending on the amount received.


The cost of purchasing “The Each Way King” is as follows:
1) MONTHLY Pay £1.00 for the first 30 days followed by £24.95 per month sent via E-Mail and Mobile App.
2) QUARTERLY Pay £1.00 for the first 30 days followed by £59.95 per quarter (Saving £14.90 per Quarter) also sent via E-Mail and Mobile App.
3) ONE OFF Pay £219.95 for a lifetime subscription (Saving £79.45 over 12 months) also sent via E-Mail and Mobile App.
Please remember that the above prices don’t include Tax at 20%.
And remember you also have that 60 day no quibble money back guarantee if for any reason you are unhappy with this service.
All the major credit cards are accepted Visa, MasterCard and Maestro and also PayPal.


If I have one concern about “The Each Way King” and it’s only a small niggle and that is betting on the appropriate bookmaker for the bet, but, saying that other bookmakers odds
might be close to the selected one. Time will tell.


The selections are posted out on the night before racing and I will endeavor try to post on the night after racing but if for some reason I can’t then I will explain this up front.


I shall be using a 100 point bank as advised by “The Each Way King” and I shall be using £10 per point as used by “The Each Way King.”
Hence my starting bank shall be £1000.
This is Sgt. Mack signing out for now.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below. I hope you enjoy the review.



Sgt Mack Introduces The Each Way King