The Killer Instinct Introduction

19th July 2011

The Killer Instinct

Sergeant Karl-Introduces The Killer Instinct

Hello Bloggers,

The Killer Instinct is a laying service that claims to make a steady 15 points per month, on average there will be 5-10 selections per day, and a lay ceiling of 8.0, the emails are received around lunchtime, you can also use a bot easily with this service.

The cost is very reasonable at approx  £10 per month for the first month, then approx. £20 per month after that, I say approx, as it is priced in dollars on the paypal site so you are at the mercy of the exchange rate.

That is it really as the author of The Killer Instinct states “it is a very simple service” I have no insight into how he reaches his selections so this will be a short intro.

Let’s look at his previous results

Since January the claim is 92 pts profit with an 80% SR, the only losing month was May @ -12pts. All these are unverified; I hope there are not too many selections around the 8.0 ceiling. As we know from bitter experience member’s results can vary wildly on these laying services that set a ceiling.

As always with laying services it is critically important to make steady headway, I have seen laying services lose a whole years profit in one bad month, let’s hope The Killer Instinct has the Killer Instinct!


Sergeant Karl

[Click here to see The Killer Instinct]

Sergeant Karl-Introduces The Killer Instinct