This month I will be reviewing Jon Sambrook’s New System “Layers Choice”.

The System is a fairly simple set of rules and I would have loved to offer it as a free trial on the blog to all subscribers, but by checking selections in the racing post, the rules would have been worked out, it would just be a matter of time that’s all.

So some past results:

Staking Plan

From the 7th September – 31st December the system made a profit of 51.82 points. This includes a simple non aggressive staking plan that comes with the service e-book.

September = +4.05 points

October = +36.32 points

November  = -0.81 points

December = +12.26 points


Flat Stakes


If you had used just flat stakes the system produces profits of +26.75 points

September = +0.38 points

October  = +26.82 points

November  = +0.63 points

December = -1.08 points


Jon has been sending me his tips for the whole of this time and I can confirm this is exactly as I received and these are my own figures. I have the excel document but I cannot divulge this to non members because of how easy it would be to work the rules out by reverse manipulation on the Racing Post.

The Average Betfair SP of a selection is 2.69 and the strike rate is a massive 72% which I think you will agree is phenomenal at those prices.

The betfair SP average losing bet is 2.75, and the Safe Lay Formula is set at 3.5 which means you would place the bets only if the horse is trading under 3.5 on betfair before the off.

Now this is where I can see some ambiguity in regards to a service and possible selections, so I am also going to show results as Kevin does from Pin Point lays which is betting 5% Liability of your bank before the off so that the bet spends 5% of your betfair balance each bet and only bets if the BSP is 3.50 or lower.

Just for your interest here are some figures if you had bet the selections in this way.


5% Liability

If you hAd started with £1000 bank with Jons Layers choice your bank would now be sitting at £2785.77 a profit of 178.5% in around 3 and a half months.

I hope you will follow me on this review and please understand that with a 72% strike rate, the system will pick up winners (losing bets) most days, but that really doesn’t matter when the prices are this short.

The e-book price is yet to be arranged but Jon has discussed this with his followers and a price is being agreed, As the selection service requires the paid section of the racing post Jon will be offering a selection tipping service which means:


1) you do not have to find selections yourself

2) you don’t have to pay the racing post subscription fee (Jons Fee will be smaller per month than this)

Thanks for reading

Betting System Guru