10 October 2012

Sergeant John Reviews The Laying Game

Five qualifiers today from six selections and a small loss for The Laying Game.

The green coloured tips are layed at 6am, the blue ones at 10am.

The daily profit now averages 1.39 points. *Prices reduced due to non-runners.

Today’s results and the overall Daily Profit/Loss and Running total take into account a 5% Betfair commission reduction on winning lays.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXSelection                         Price      Result      Profit/Loss

14:10 Ludlow                      Haymarket                      2.28            1st xxxxx x -6.4

14:30 Nottingham          Quality Mark                  2.62            3rd xxxxxx+4.75

16:30 Nottingham          Sunpass                             2.42             4th xxxxxx+4.75

16:50 Towcester               Royale Knight                2.66             1st xxx xxx -8.3

17:50 Towcester               Celtic Agent                    3.9                3rd xxxxxx+4.75

Opening Bank: 500pts

Daily Profit/Loss: -0.45pts

Running total: 648.54pts

Best Regards

[Click here to see The Laying Game…]

Sergeant John Reviews The Laying Game