The Laying Game – Introduction

17 May 2012

The Laying Game

Sergeant John Introducing The Laying Game

Looking at a new product from the Steve Davidson stable, The Laying Game is essentially a piece of software that picks out selections on a daily basis ready for you to lay on Betfair.

It really is a no-brainer. The software does all the work and is ready to use by 3am UK time. You can lay on the place or win market, but it is recommended to concentrate on the win market.

The strike rate averages around 70% but, although the software produces prices across the board, it is recommended to lay horses at under 5.01.

For the purposes of this review I shall have an opening bank of 500 points, using 1% of that as my stake (5 points). I have used a fairly large bank because there can be as many as ten selections a day.

You buy one licence for one computer for 12 months at £29.99 and there are no refunds. What happens after a year I have yet to find out, but no doubt Mr Davidson will have something up his sleeve and at that price, providing this review is successful, it is worth renewing for another year.

I shall review this for 56 days with the option to extend it to 84 betting days and, hopefully, be able to recommend The Laying Game software to readers soon after that.

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Sergeant John Introduces The Laying Game