The Legacy And Saver Systems – Introduction

Wednesday, May 25th

The Legacy And Saver Systems

Sergeant Jon-Introduces  The Legacy And Saver Systems

Hello Bloggers,

The Legacy And Saver Systems are two systems that BACK FAVOURITES each with a set of clearly defined rules and filters. The sales page claims that the Legacy system has been around for over 30 years and when combined with The Saver system has generated average profits of over 130 points each year for the last nine years.

In short, the The Legacy And Saver Systems selection process backs forecast favourites at selected courses and in selected race types/codes. My first thoughts are that this may be a back fitted method but time will tell whether it is as profitable as claimed.

The Legacy And Saver Systems cost a one off payment of £97 through Clickbank and comprises a 29 page e-book in which the rules for both systems take up 3 pages at most! The remainder of the e-book contains the usual filler of how to bet, how to understand odds, bookies, betting exchanges and several staking plans.

One staking plan in particular is highly recommended as “the ideal partner for The Legacy System”. This is the Safe Bet Plan which is available separately at £45 also through Clickbank.

BST Admin tried on several occasions to obtain a review copy of the Safe Bet Plan but all such requests have, regrettably, been ignored. So for the purpose of the review I shall report profit and loss to level stakes at Betfair SP to avoid any misunderstandings regarding achieved prices.

The sales page for The Legacy And Saver Systems states that it only takes ten minutes each day using the Racing Post to find selections although I found it took 20 minutes or so but I may speed up as the selection process becomes more automatic.

There is also a “free” laying system included but as the rules for this are just ridiculous I won´t be recording those selections or results.

Surprisingly, the e-book does not provide any advice about the size of bank required so I will use a 100 point bank and stake 1 point on each qualifying selection for the purpose of the review.

The review will start next week on Monday 30th May.

Sgt Jon

[Click Here To See The Legacy And Saver Systems Sales Page…]

Sergeant Jon-Introduces The Legacy And Saver systems