The Longshot King June 4th & 5th

5th June 2014

 The Longshot King

Sgt David Reviews The Longshot King

Yesterday’s email did not arrive. As there is no means of verifying the selection ( a losing one it would seem from his own update ) it will not appear in the trial. One placed and one losing each way selection today resulted in aloss of 1.40 pts to SP and 1.10 pts to BSP on the day. Respective figures after 179 selections ( 341 pts staked ) now show SP losses of  98.52 pts and 64.95 pts at BSP. 


                                  1pt W or E/W BSP
Date Track Time   Selection Stake   SP   BSP   Res   P/L   Nett   P/L   Nett
        Starting Bank                         120.00       0
05-Jun KEM 19.20   Go Far 1   E/W   9.00   9.71   Place   0.60   23.48   0.90   -62.95
05-Jun KEM 21.00   Rakaan 1   E/W   34.00   70.00   Lost   -2.00   21.48   -2.00   -64.95

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review. U
pdates will appear after every Saturday with daily updates whenever possible.  

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Sgt David Reviews The Longshot King