The Longshot King Introduction

28th February 2014

 The Longshot King

Sgt David Introduces The Longshot King

I am Sgt David Green and this is my second review for BST , the other being Bet Alchemist.

I have been a punter for almost 50 years even if I was a tad too young to do so originally. These days most of my betting is system based lays or general football and racing fancies.

The Vendor

Vendor            The Longshot King

Registrant        Richard Smith

Registrant’s Address

Ul.Skrzetuskiego 71

To save on postage he is also on Skype !

Date Registered      28 February 2014

Associate / Tipster    N/ A


The System

This is a horse racing tipping service. About 80% of the tips will be to 1 pt each way and the rest at 1 pt win. With only the occasional exception these will be UK meetings.

Selections will normally be available on a Members’ website from about 11.00 a.m on the day of the race , with an email sent a few minutes later. There will be no updates during the day.

Tips will be limited to 4 on a Saturday and 2 on any other day.

The Cost

 The Longshot King are currently offering a 50% discount price of £19.95 per month or £197.00 for 12 months membership if you sign up before the start of Cheltenham Festival 2014.  If you sign up they will give this discounted price for life.

System requirements

 There are no specific demands here other than the ability to access the information late morning and place any relevant bets prior to the race.

Prices are advised and I shall monitor this where possible to ascertain the likelihood of the price being available to all subscribers. Findings will be posted at the time of updates.

Staking Plan and Betting Bank

 Bets are placed to 1 pt win or 1 pt each way. Due to the nature of the selections , losing runs will be longer than usual and a bank of 200 pts is recommended.

A betting bank tool is included but this does not affect the stake. 

There is a suggestion to double the stakes when the bank is doubled but if used as per the video the banking tool actually ensures this can never happen – so it appears a case of one or the other.

I shall base my returns on SP and BSP. This will give the results a worst case scenario and anyone able to take BOG or an advised price should be able to do better.

Review updates

 The review will initially run for 56 days, and if successful we will extend the review to 84 days.

Updates will appear after every Saturday with daily updates whenever possible.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt David Introduces The Longshot King