Evening All!

Have you received the usual hype recently about The Marvel Plan, the latest “give up your day job” laying system? If so, just hold your horses as I got suckered into buying this “system” about which I have grave reservations and have agreed with The Commissioner that the best way forward is to put the system in the dock for a month for a fair trial before passing judgement.

This is another laying system which is delivered in a 55 page badly written e-book full
of useless information about the history of horse racing, what a bookmaker does, what
a betting exchange is, how odds work etc etc and then eventually gives the TWO system
rules (one of which is available from the sales page) hidden amongst all the fluff and filler.

But, wearing my impartial court wig, I will give this a fair trial and sincerely hope I am wrong and that The Marvel Plan turns out to be the Holy Grail we all seek.

There is a recommended staking plan that I will incorporate into the results which will, as usual, be reported using Betfair SP after deducting 5% Betfair commission.

Oh, I nearly forgot, the results pages in the e-book quote 151 points profit in the eight months between May and December 2009 but fail to deduct betting exchange commission. If I get time, I will check the published results with Timeform to see if there are any other inaccuracies.

Today, I found two qualifying bets:

15.50   Catterick     Oenologue    Won   BSP 1.88

16.50   Catterick     Vannin           2nd   BSP 1.93

P/L on the day:      + 0.07 points

Cumulative P/L:  + 0.07 points

Sgt Jon