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Midas Method

Sgt Howard reviews The Midas Method

Hi Bloggers,

My name is Howard and I’m 39 years old, live in the North West and have 20+ years betting experience.  I have always taken a keen interest in Betting particularly Horse Racing.  I only recently turned Professional last year.  I have plenty of experience in both Backing, Laying and Trading.

Anyway on to the Introduction for The Midas Method.

The system

So what do you get for your money.   The system is a Horse Racing backing system explained on a short to the point 11 page PDF.  The system claims strike rates of 59% for the win and 87% for the place (which I will be putting to the test).  There are two main systems (although if you purchase you’ll receive some additional bonus systems)  a during racing method and a before racing method.  I will be testing the before racing method as the other demands you follow all the live racing.  I will only be testing the system on UK Horse Racing.  The system itself seems straight forward to operate and isn’t time consuming.  Without giving too much away it involves comparing some basic information on the Racing Post and Betfair.  The author claims the before racing method takes approximately 15mins but I suspect it will take slightly longer but can test this as I go along.


The Midas Method can be purchased by Click Bank for £47.00 (and £9.40 Vat).  There is a 60 day money back guarantee offered according to the vender.

System requirements

To operate the Midas Mthod you’ll need access to Racing Post and Betfair and preferably a few bookmakers accounts.  You do not need to be paying a subscription to the Racing Post for the information you will need.  The before racing method is recommended you apply it between 12.30 to 1pm.

Staking Plan and Betting Balance

There is no staking plan included in the system although the Author does state he backs selections 2pts place and 1pt to win.   Therefore I have decided I will show results using two seperate betting banks of 100 points each.  All bets will be placed in the 12.30 to 1pm time frame or as close as possible.

Betting Bank 1

I will bet 2pts place and 1pt win.  The place part will be at current Betfair price or if no liquidity Betfair SP.  For the 1pt win part will use the best current price with either a bookmaker or with Betfair. I will ensure the price taken is realistic taking into account poor Betfair Liquidity.

Betting Bank 2

I will bet 1pt place and 1pt win using Betfair SP for both.

Review updates

I intend to do updates daily / or every two days during the review.

The initial review will last 56 Betting Days.


Sgt Howard reviewing The Midas Method

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