The Secret Tipster is a new review and involves an e-mail service for laying horses, where the author states the maximum points  for each lay following his plan.   You can of course lay each horse to level stakes, but I propose to follow the advice of the Secret Tipster and see how we progress.

The author recommends a bank of 300 points to follow the advised staking plan, and 150 points for level stakes, so that will our starting bank’s.

The cost for this service is currently on a buy one month get one free offering which works out at £28.50 per month, however the price will revert to the original cost of £57 per month after 18 January, and I have no idea how many places are left at the discounted price.

The system promises a lot, such as the following information extracted from the sales page………….

John Romane Has Made 304.57 Points Profit In 17.5 Months!

With His Genius Staking Plan Thats 851.46 Points!


50 points a month profit is huge by anyone’s expectations and we will of course have to wait and see what the review brings.

[Click here to see The Secret Tipster…..]

Sgt Philip