The Specialist – Introduction

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               This is Sgt Dave  i will be reviewing the new system from Anthony Gibson called “The Specialist” this is for the Flat season only, it is being sold by Sportsworld Publishing at 149 pounds although there is a discount for previous protégé system purchasers who can get this for 125 pounds. So what do you get for your money  well in the UK you will get a 29 page manual along with 25 pages of results along with a covering letter with a unique number (which allows you access to the website and phoneline where you can obtain the selections), delivered to your door. Thats right in the UK the system will be delivered by post, only those living overseas will get the electronic downloadable version. In the manual there was none of the usual fluff about betting on Betfair etc thankfully, there was a few pages dedicated to how the system came about the rest concerns the system itself there is a list to follow and you only bet in certain types of races and 2 tracks are seperated from the rest. Now on to Staking there are 3 different ones recommended (1) Back all selections: now even though a horse may have been selected by the list, race type and course there is still one further rule which has to be satisfied before it becomes a bet. (2) Being  Selective: similar to Number 1 but the rule stats is set higher if the horse qualifies back 1 point, if  the horse passes another rule as well as the first you stake 2 points. Finally (3) Exotic Bets: This uses horses found from (2) and when there is 2 or more selections in the same race upto a maximum of 4 you back them in combination forecasts or exactas.  Examples are shown how to find the selections and there is data to back up the system in the remainder of the manual, there is also  a part on Royal Ascot and placing bets there.

     Right lets get down to the main business how much is this going to make profit, well refering back to the website Backing all Selections had 1539 selections with 392 winners a Strike Rate of 25% and to ISP a profit of 372+ points and 920 points + at BFSP. Longest losing run is said to be 19 and a bank of 100 points is recommended for Backing all Selections ,prices of winners all odds upto 50/1 thats at ISP. For the second Being Selective i calculated the strike rate at 44.54% there was 216 winners from 483 bets the longest losing run was 8, a bank of 20 points is recommended, profits this is using the 1 or 2 points stakes as mentioned above  were 450 points to ISP and 600 points to BFSP.  I actually worked out the level stakes profits for 2009  for Being Selective  and this came to 391.80 points for ISP and 502.50 for BFSP. Now for Exotic Bets this requires a 100 points bank as the longest losing run has been 34, profits were 298 points. For the purpose of this review i shall concentrate on Staking 1 and 2, number 2 particularly interests me i do not like long losing runs(Bad for the soul, bad for the pocket) and quality over quantity is better for me, but of course it is each to there own. If i can get a chance to mention exotic bets i will, to keep everything uniformed both staking systems will start with 100 points and cover both ISP and BFSP in the results. So to sum up the introduction we have a system talking some big numbers profit wise with a fairly hefty price tag, lets see if it can achieve the first  to justify the second, let the trial begin!

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