The Sports Guru Introduction

27th June 2017







Sgt Smithy Introduces The Sports Guru


I’m Sgt. Smithy and this is my fourth review at Betting System Truths. Of my first three reviews, one is currently in a profit, one made a loss and the other was a borderline scam. The one that’s still in a profit is a service from Anthony at Betting Gods and The Sports Guru is another of his services so I’m looking forward to seeing how it performs. As always, behind the scenes I will evaluate the results using statistics and my experience of betting systems to deliver a fair and honest verdict.

Service outline

The Betting Gods network is professional and organised which does provide an impression of trustworthiness. I’ve found that some of their tipsters are impersonal and don’t provide a single word past the bare minimum but from past experience Anthony seems very genuine, accountable and is willing to answer emails on a personal basis.

The Sports Guru has been operating for two years since June 2015 and sends daily emails for a variety of sports. During the past couple of weeks there has been golf, football, speedway and almost daily tennis and baseball tips. I expect that other sports would be tipped also if the major leagues weren’t on the summer breaks at the moment.

All of the tips are back selections and the odds are often around the evens mark for the regular daily tips. There are also outright selections, often each way where the odds can vary and have been as high as 151.00 recently.
A 100 point bank is advised and stakes may vary between 1 and 5 points but I’ve only seen them up to 2 points.

The selections are sent by email each evening and are sometimes accompanied by reasonings to explain why the tips have been made. This is a particular highlight for me as it shows that the tipster is putting the work in and has thought about the tips.


I’ve followed The Sports Guru for a couple of weeks to get to know the service a little and my first impressions are positive.

As some of the selections are long odds for tournament winners, I feel that the results of the review may be skewed somewhat. If a 150/1 winner is successful in the review, the profits may be very high and not a reasonable average of the daily tips provided. If I believe this is an issue at the end of the review, I will provide results for outright tips and daily tips separately to give an accurate depiction of the service.

I haven’t seen any mention of value yet so I can only assume that Anthony makes his selection based on who he believes will win and uses the best odds available to indirectly find value. This isn’t my preferred way of betting but we will see how well it works after the review is concluded.

Looking at the results on the Betting Gods website, there is a 5 month period where the service suffered a loss of over 150 points. This would be disatrous with the advised 100 point bank and it really should have been adjusted to account for this drawdown. You can imagine how you would feel if you’d signed up at the start of the decline and stuck it out for a few months hoping it would get better. The chart does show a remarkable turnaround, however the large swing does indicate a cause for concern.

Ease of use

As the service is focused on back bets with a straightforward staking plan, I don’t expect it to be difficult to implement. There are several tips some days and the best odds are advised across multiple bookies so it will take some time signing in to the different bookies, finding the correct selections and depositing funds as necessary. I have already noticed that some tipped markets may not be available with all bookies so availability may be an issue.

As the best value bookies and their odds are detailed with the selections. I’ll check that the advised odds are available as soon as possible after the tips are posted.

The Cost

There is a 30 day trial available at the cost of £1 at the time of writing. Afterwards, a monthly subscription is £39.95 + VAT(£47.94) and a quarterly subscription is £99.95 + VAT(£119.94). Payment is made through Clickbank so the normal 60 day, no questions guarantee is available. This is always a great feature of any service, 60 days is plenty of time to make a decision on whether you want to continue or not. It also makes me feel that the service is genuine and that the tipster has confidence in his selections.

Review updates

The tips are sent out daily so I too will aim to post daily updates, these may be a day or two after the tips are posted due to the time difference with American sports and where matches are delayed (interruptions in tennis for example). Where tips last over a space of a few days, particularly due to outright tournament tips, I will provide the update after the winner is declared.

I’ll follow the recommended staking plan that comes with the service and also record the results to level stakes with a 100 point bank for ease of comparison with other services.

As with all of our reviews, I’ll follow the service for a minimum of 56 days and unless it’s impossible to recover a profit at that point, I’ll continue to 84 days.

If you’ve got any thoughts, questions or opinions about The Sports Guru, I’d like to hear about it in the comments below. I hope you enjoy the review.



Sgt Smithy Introduces The Sports Guru