The Sports Investor – Weekly Review Days 31 to 37

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               Well things have picked up a bit now for the service with the last 6 lays all being winning ones , the losing lay was Sedgewick  on March 18th which won at 3.25 Morning Price  and for BFSP it was 2.36 . Overall for the week both groups showed a profit and both are showing a profit overall as well, the strike rate is still slightly down from the normal 75 % but things are improving  now so that  gap should be closed real soon.   At the moment BFSP prices seem to be lower than the morning prices and that despite a lesser strike rate its actually making more profit.    Lets see if the service can maintain the momentum in the forthcoming weeks. 

 Morning Betfair Prices:

 Results for March 18th to March 24th = 7 selections/6 winning lays =  85.71% S/R

 P/L for March 18th to March 24th = +17.25 points 

Selections from February  16th to March 24th = 36 Selections/25 winning Lays = 69.44% S/R

 Running Bank after Day 37 =  102.37 points (100 points starting bank)



Results for March 18th to March 24th = 7 selections/6 winning lays =  85.71% S/R

 P/L for March 18th to March 24th = +21.70 points

 Selections from February  16th to March 24th = 30 Selections/20 winning Lays = 66.66% S/R

 Running Bank  after Day 37 =  110.40  points (100 points starting bank)

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