The Sports Investor – Weekly Review Days 52 to 58

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               Not such a good week as last week but 5 out of 7 winning lays for both Morning Price Selections and at BFSP at 71.43% S/R is not to be sniffed at, the prices of the 2 losers were 2.25 and 2.75 at Morning Prices and 1.79 and 2.09 at BFSP. Anyway with another  26 days to run on the review things are looking interesting if the service can maintain the current form.

Morning Betfair Prices:

 Results for April 8th  to April 14th  =7 selections/5 winning lays =  71.43% S/R

 P/L for April 8th to April 14th = +8.75 points 

Selections from February  16th to April 14th  = 54 Selections/40  winning Lays = 74.07% S/R

 Running Bank after Day 58 = 143.62 points (100 points starting bank)



Results for April 8th to April 14th= 7 selections/5 winning lays =  71.43% S/R

 P/L for April 8th to April 14th = +14.35 points

 Selections from February  16th to April 14th= 46 Selections/33 winning Lays = 71.74% S/R

 Running Bank  after Day 58 =  156.00 points (100 points starting bank)

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