Three Key Football Week 10

28th April – 4th May 2014


Sgt Jon Reviews Three Key Football

 A frustrating week with no qualifying bets until Friday although a potential treble on Wednesday just failed to meet the minimum price rule but went on to win! As many European leagues are coming to the end of the season, I am finding it more difficult to find qualifying selections that meet the price rules and also the importance of the match is becoming an increasingly important consideration.

Bet 55 – Friday 2nd May

Selections: Rijeka (Croatia) (W), Altach (Austria 2) (W), Shamrock (Ireland 1) (D)

Losing Treble          Bookmaker: Will Hill        Price: 3.00

Bet 56 – Saturday 3rd May

Selections: Leicester (W), Wolves (W), Celtic (W)

Winning Treble      Bookmaker: Ladbrokes     Price: 3.19

Bet 57 – Saturday 3rd May 

Selections: Kawasaki Frontale (Japan) (W), Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia) (W), Dnipro (Ukraine) (L)

Losing Treble          Bookmaker: Bet Victor     Price: 3.20

Bet 58 – Saturday 3rd May

Selections: Maribor (Slovenia) (W), Sao Paulo (Brazil) (D), Banfield (Argentina 2) (W)

Losing Treble          Bookmaker: Will Hill       Price: 3.20

This Week Profit and Loss

Plan A          Opening Bank:            90.51 points
                      Closing Bank:            89.70 points            – 0.81 points

Plan B          Opening Bank:           107.09 points           
                      Closing Bank:           108.52 points           + 1.43 points

Plan C           Opening Bank:          161.43 points           
                       Closing Bank:          165.01 points            + 3.58 points         

Profit and Loss to date

Plan A            Start Bank               50.00 points
                       P/L to date             39.70 points
                       Total staked           58.00 points
                       ROI to date             68.44%       

Plan B            Start Bank               50.00 points
                       P/L to date             58.52 points
                       Total staked            78.00 points        
                       ROI to date             75.02%

Plan C            Start Bank               50.00 points
                       P/L to date             115.01 points
                       Total staked            180.78 points
                       ROI to date             63.62%


Strike Rate to date 28/58 = 48.27%                

Next review update will be on Sunday 11th May

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Jon Reviews Three Key Football