Top Form Racing Day 34

Friday 24th December

Top Form Racing

Sgt Bubbles – Reviews Top Form Racing

Sgt Bubbles here with my update of Top Form Racing service.

We had 1 more selection before Christmas

Thursday 22nd December
Bangor on Dee 15:40 Pique Rock 0.50pts e/w at BOG of 5.00 LOST -1.00
So I can now give a complete update on how this service has run since we started on 18th November some 34 days ago.
Their have been 77 bets in total of which only 9 won, we had 12 others place which gives us 56 losing bets, not a good start to any system really, this system showed potential prior to our review but has consistently been of great disappointment since we started
This gives us only an 11% win strike rate and a place strike rate of around 27% based on all bets.
From our original starting bank of 100 pt we now stand at 71.29 pt which means we have lost 28.71 pt in the 34 day review which equates to 28% of our bank, which means this system will need to have a good end of year to bring us back and improve vastly in 2017 to make this system viable as a betting propersition for the future.
May I wish my reviewers and members and staff of BSR a Happy Christmas and see you all on Boxing Day.

(Please note some of my stats on previous posts were not accurate and have been ammended here to show the correct stats at time of writing)

Sgt Bubbles signing off

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Sgt Bubbles Reviews Top Form Racing