Top Form Racing Day 7

25th November 2016


Top Form Racing

Sgt Bubbles – Reviews Top Form Racing

Sgt Bubbles here again today and I have my Daily update of Top Form Racing service.
A small place return was the best today as the well backed ‘Thomas Shelby’ was second at Towcester.The first selection ‘Earthmoves’ ran a stinker eventually being pulled up.

Thursday 24th November

13:45 Taunton
Earthmoves at BOG of 5.0 0.50pts E/W LOST -1.00

14:10 Towcester
Thomas Shelby at BOG of 7.00 0.50pts E/W PLACED +0.10

Start bank: 100 pt

Profit: -0.90 point
Number selections: 2
Winners: 0
Placed: 1
Losers: 1

This week
Profit: -3.05 points
Number selections: 17
Winners: 3
Placed : 3
Losers: 11
Strike rate: 17.65%

Service to date
Profit: -3.05 points
Number selections: 15
Winners: 3
Placed : 2
Losers: 10
Strike rate: 17.65%

Current Bank: 96.95

After 1 week this service has not lived up to it’s lofty status, with only 3 winning selections at mediocre prices it will certainly need to improve in the coming weeks, lets hope it does.

Sgt Bubbles signing off

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Sgt Bubbles Reviews Top Form Racing