Top Form Racing Day 8

26th November 2016


Top Form Racing

Sgt Bubbles – Reviews Top Form Racing

Sgt Bubbles here again today and I have my Daily update of Top Form Racing service.

We had 2 singles selections and a double today, the first bet ran a good race to come 2nd to the favourite to get us a bit of our stake money back but no profit (actually a small loss on the stake) but that was the only good thing about today, next the E/W bet went down at the first hurdle with Magnolia running a stonker of a race but the 2nd leg did manage to win but no good for us here, the 3rd bet of the day another E/W single again did not make the frame given us a bad start to the week.

Friday 25th November
Newbury 12:30
Bags Groove at BOG of 4.50 0.5pts E/W PLACED 2ND -0.15
Each-Way Double
Newcastle 14:55 Magnolia Ridge (at 2.75) LOST
Dundalk 17:30 Hes Our Music (at 3.75) WON
BOG of 10.30 0.5pts E/W LOST -1.00
Newbury 15:50
Any Drama at BOG of 5.00 0.5pts E/W LOST -1.00

Start bank: 100 pt

Profit: -2.15 point
Number selections: 3
Winners: 0
Placed: 1
Losers: 2

This week
Profit: -2.15 points
Number selections: 3
Winners: 0
Placed : 1
Losers: 2
Strike rate: 0.00%

Service to date
Profit: -5.20 points
Number selections: 20
Winners: 3
Placed: 4
Losers: 13
20 Runners
15.00% Win Strike Rate
20.00% Place Strike Rate

Current Bank: 97.85

Sgt Bubbles signing off

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Sgt Bubbles Reviews Top Form Racing