Top Form Racing Day 29

Saturday 16th December

Top Form Racing

Sgt Bubbles – Reviews Top Form Racing

Sgt Bubbles here again today and I have my Daily update of Top Form Racing service Days 27,28 & 29

It has been quite painfull watching this service drop off so badly in December, I was really looking forward to reviewing a good service for you but I have some how seemed to have jinxed it, lets hope it sees a recovering before Christmas and can kick on in the new year.

Wednesday 14th December Day 27

Musselburgh 12:00 Attomix 2.37 LOST
Lingfield 15:00 Adalene 2.10 LOST
Newbury 15:10 Bags Groove 1.80 LOST
0.5pts Trixie (2pts in total)LOST -2.00 pt
Single bet
Newbury 12:55 Golden Birthday BOG 0.50pts E/W @ 7.00 LOST -1.00

Thursday 15th December Day 28
Towcester 14:10 Thomas Shelby 1pt Win at BOG of 2.75 LOST -1.00
Newcastle 14:20 Percy Verence 0.50pts e/w BOG of 7.50 LOST -1.00

Friday 16th December Day 29
Uttoxeter 13:45 Amber Spyglass 0.50pts e/w at BOG of 6.00 LOST -1.00
Wolverhampton 16:15 1 Dr Julius No 0.50pts e/w at BOG of 4.00 WON @ 4.50 +2.10

Starting Bank 100 pt
Total Staked 70.50 pt
P&L -29.47
Current Bank 70.53

Bets 73
Winners 6
Placed 17
Losers 50

Sgt Bubbles signing off

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Sgt Bubbles Reviews Top Form Racing