Top Racing Bets – Introduction

Hi Constables,

here I will trial a service called “Top Racing” which is delivering his tips daily by email to your inbox.

What you will receive are three emails every day, each of them is titled differently, so we will split the trial in three parts.

Part 1: ‘Winning Post’ Tips

Part 2: ‘In-Form Racing’ Tips

Part 3: ‘Profitable Lays’ Tips

As the names suggests we have 3 sorts of selections and as I’ve talked to the Commissioner and the tipster we will do the trial as follows:

Parts 1&2 are straight Win bets and Part 3 are LAY bets; every bank will start with 100 Points and all bets will be settled with Betfair. I will record the results at BFSP, from winning bets I will deduct 5% commission, the lay bets I will record at BFSP + 2% to reflect the difference between back/lay prices at Betfair

(The trial has already started at friday 21th may – so the next posts will appear here very soon…)

[Click here to see Top Racing Bets…]