Trademate Sports Review Week 5



Sgt The Graduate Reviews Trademate Sports




April 24

Sadly the profits have gone down.

At one point my kitty was over £450 in the black but due to either my volatile style of betting or the market I experienced a severe

series of losses which impacted my cyber wallet.

Next post I will include all the bets I have made over the week.



Total turnover 23.5k GBP
Total profit 160 GBP
Average ROI 0.7%
Flat ROI 1.1%
Closing edge Standard Deviation 4.8
Average odds placed 2.20 ( 45.4% )
Average true closing odds 2.16 ( 46.3% )
Hit rate 44.3%
Average time before kick off 3 hours
Number of trades 1699




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Sgt The Graduate Reviews Trademate Sports