Turf Wars  Day 98

31th July 2011

Hello everyone,

Sunday the 31st of July, and today sees the end of the review of Turf Wars. It has been an amazing ride, and it is nice to finish with a profit on the last day.

I shall now go to the top of a tall mountain to ponder my thoughts about Turf Wars, and I will be back in a few days with the final review summary.

Bet 1  Platinum Bet Stake 10 pts


Cerezo Osaka  v  Kashima Antlers    Over 2.5 goals    Odds 3/4    Won

Bet Return + 7.50 pts

Bet 2  Gold Bet Stake 8 pts

2 pt Win Trixie  4 bets = 8 pts staked


Stromgodset  v  Lillestrom    Draw    Odds 13/5    Lost

Viking  v  Fredrikstad    Draw    Odds 5/2    Lost


Nanchung Bayi  v  Dalian Shide    Draw    Odds 11/5    Lost

Bet Return – 8.0 pts

Bet 3  Silver Bet Stake 6 pts


Nybergsund  v  Hamarkameratene    Over 3.5 goals    Odds 6/4    Won

Bet Return + 9.0 pts

Return On The Day + 8.50 pts

Running Bank 226.23 pts

Starting Bank 100.00 pts

P/L To Date + 126.23 pts

Level Stakes Return + 0.25 pts pts

Level Stakes P/L To Date + 46.01 pts



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