This is the updated results for Tyche Windfall for October 2010.

As you can see the month ended with a steady profit of 2.84 points.

We have been trialling tyche windfall since the the 4th January 2010 and the tyche windfall service has made 20.93 points profit in that time.

To £100 stakes this is not to shabby.. There is remaining 2 months on this 12 month trial that was requested by Dave at Tyche Windfall.

October’s Results. End column is the overall profit and loss since January 4th to £100 level BACKING stakes minus betfair commission.

Although tyche windfall is only averaging 2 points profit per month since January it is making a profit and with a long term view good money can be made from a long term consistant service like tyche windfall if you have decent funds to play with.

It seems this has been its worst year in 5 years according to the results on the site. Remember we are not giving results to a staking plan. Where as there is a recommended staking plan advice with the selections .

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