UK Racing Lays Introduction

18th August 2013


Sgt Adrianc Introduces UK Racing Lays System

This is a welcome e-mail from UK Racing Lays System.  All new joiner should get it.


Thank you for joining UK Racing Lays.

Below we’ve outlined how to follow the service so that you achieve the same results and profits.


Rules are very simple to follow for the system. There are only 2 rules to follow –  
1. We do not bet if the Betfair Starting Price (BSP) of any advised bet is over the odds of 8.00. 
2. We do not bet if the total number of runners is less than 6. 
We personally use a betting bot. Any decent bot will support the above 2 criteria. If you do not use a bot, you can still limit the BSP to 8.00 on the Betfair website. If you bet closer to the start time of the race you can monitor the number of the horses.  


Betting Bank   
We strongly recommend a 50 point bank. 


You will receive an e-mail everyday by mid-day containing the bets. You will also receive an e-mail on days there are no bets.  
You can expect 1-2 bets on most days. 
There will be days with more bets and there will days with no bets. 

We only use level stakes and stake 1 point on every bet. 
Divide your betting bank by 50 to arrive at your per bet figure. 

Example: Betting Bank  : £ 5,000.00 
1 point bet  :  £ 5,000.00 / 50 = £ 100.00 


UK Racing Lays


Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Adrianc Introduces UK Racing Lays