Hi Bloggers

This is a new review for the Value Tipster service, who claim on their website to be an elite service which can snatch upto £42 from a £2 stake and a return on investment of 2100%.

Bold claims indeed!

The selections are e-mailed on a daily basis around 11am, which is not ideal for the 9-5 working punter, however I do understand the logic as picks given the night before will invariably result in some non- runners.  The format of the e-mail delivery looks very similar to the Daytime Tipster, which has been running for about 4 or 5 months.  I have no idea if the same people are behind the selections.

Back to the selections, the aim is to provide high price winners and or place bets, and sometimes there will be lay bets as well.  Upto this point my understanding is that all selections have been back to win or place.

There is no guideline regarding bookmakers, Betfair are recommended but you are free to use any.  Level stake bets are suggested as the best option.

For the purposes of the review I will use Betfair and deduct the 5% commission.   To be fair to the authors, I will update the blog after racing either late evening or early morning.

The price for the selections starts with a discounted first month @ £7.50 with future monthly payments at £12.95 via clickbank.

Day 1 review will follow shortly.