Win Bet Profits Introduction

2nd November 2013

 Win Bet Profits

Sgt Short – Introduces Win Bet Profits

Hello everybody, and welcome to this, my second review.

Win Bet Profits is a service by Dean Rayer, providing (hopefully) exactly what the name suggests. He certainly provides the bets and so far (Day 1) has produced excellent profits. But I am getting ahead of myself.

His website promises a system capable of generating Thousands of Pounds per month. He does this by picking up 15 different sets of statistics from various places for each horse running today, and crunching them through his own software to produce a ranked list of likely winners. This is all done at 10am and takes only a minute or so. He then advises the top eight horses as win bets.

Dean has been proofing with the Winning Information Network, who now offer his service. He started in June 2013 and in the following 11 weeks made just over 200 points profit. His average Strike Rate was nearly 48%, and Return on Investment over 12%. He says he has not had a losing month since he started.

UPDATE: After publishing the Win Bet Profits website, WIN have continued their proofing. To complete the picture Dean had a bad month in September, in which he lost 54.47 points. In October he made most of them back again (52.51 points). He was then 10 points up for November before we joined him on the 4th. My apologies if anybody found my original introduction misleading.

The service costs £59.96 (£49.97 + VAT) for 28 days or £119.96 (£99.97 + VAT) for 90 days. He says he will only accept 300 members.

Having signed up I received a welcome email. It advises me that I will need a 250 point bank, and that each bet will be a 3 point win bet. It says that I may receive 1 to 10 bets on an average day, although the website specifies 8. I am also advised to open as many bookmaker accounts as possible, and to use oddschecker to find the best odds. Dean supplies the best available odds with his selections, so I will be using the advised figures to report on so that we do not have any confusion.

Since this is standard bets at level stakes it would be perfect for a bot, so I will also check the BSP to see if we could do better.


Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Short Introduces Win Bet Profits