1pt Match Attack Introduction

24th November 2016

1pt Match Attack


Sgt Eddie – Introduces 1pt Match Attack

Hi Sgt Eddie here and hopefully we will be reviewing a successful football betting service in 1pt Match Attack.

I am certain that we will have our good days as well as bad, but hopefully by the end of this review we will be in profit.

I will update the blog each day with the results and profits and losses, and also to let you know when we have no bet days.

1pt Match Attack are part of Betfan and according to the Betfan site are 108pts up for this year, although they have only been proofing to Betfan since August.

As we all know the real proof of the pudding is what happens from now.

They recommend an 80pt betting bank so that’s the bank that we will use for the review.

The bets it would seem will be mainly accumulators with some singles included, the bets are emailed out to you as well as being available in their tips centre on their website well before the start of the games.

All bets will be 1pt level staking.

Lets hope they perform well.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

[Click here to see 1pt Match Attack ]

Regards, Sgt Eddie

Sgt Eddie Introduces 1pt Match Attack