Backing Star Selection Service (Plan C  only) Day 79  June 5th

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      All good things come to an end and the service did it with a bang a wipeout 7 selections no winners so a 14 points loss on the day, it did get  close with 3 seconds but the loss put a big dent in the points gained over the last 4 days.



Worcester 14:45 Taroum  2nd 4.64
Perth 15:00 Amazing King  5th 5.49
Worcester 15:15 Mickmacmagoogle   PU 4.77
Perth 16:30 Logans Run  6th 8.23
Worcester 16:45 Fade To Grey  2nd 3.77
Perth 17:00 Chino Valdes  2nd 3.41
Worcester 17:15 Goodtimetoby  4th 4.40

   Staking Plan After Day 79                    

Plan C  P/L = minus 14.00 pts  Running Bank 114.47 pts (100 pts Start Bank)                                                                                       


 RM Dave                                               

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